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Meet the brands that are supporting the biggest night in the industry!

The BMAs are bringing hospitality professionals and venues together with the huge brands which support them, furthering the growth to their revenue and business. Among these brands are three of the biggest industry-leading names: De Kuyper, Kopparberg and the BT Group, with their brand BT Sport.

Kopparberg, leaders in the cider sector, will be sponsoring the BMA Venue Design Award, which will be judged on the aesthetics and functionality of a hospitality venue. Joe Dunnett, On Trade Activation Manager at Kopparberg, explains the importance of appealing interiors: “A well-designed, comfortable, visually appealing interior and outdoor space can attract customers to your bar, and give your venue a competitive edge. People are naturally drawn to more welcoming, aesthetically pleasing spaces, and they are more likely to choose a bar with an inviting atmosphere over one that looks bleak or uncomfortable. A great interior or outdoor space will also help to create memorable experiences for your customers, which is becoming increasingly important.

“Customers are looking for inviting beer gardens to spend their afternoons and evenings in the sunshine. Therefore having an outside area with ‘Instagrammable’ appeal is key to driving footfall for younger drinkers. Providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing venue will likely encourage longer stays and, in turn, a higher spend per head,” Joe adds.

Getting involved in the BMAs, and supporting the Venue Design Award specifically, is extremely important to Kopparberg. Joe says: “We at Kopparberg are excited to be a part of the BMAs for their debut year, and proud to support the Venue Design Award, to recognise those venues who are going above and beyond to give their customers the best possible experience on-site. This is a hugely important award to Kopparberg, as we understand the significance of creating memorable experiences to customers and creating memories that will last; especially in the current financial environment, when we know consumers are extra vigilant with their spending.

“We look forward to joining 200 other hospitality professionals, amongst other brands, sponsors and ambassadors in January, to celebrate the successes the industry has seen over the last year and beyond.”

De Kuyper, cocktail giants and innovators in the industry, are another huge name that will be involved with the BMAs, supporting the Best Mixologist Award. The Best Mixologist Award will be judged on creativity, flair and an understanding of flavour within cocktail artistry. We are taking applicants from any mixologist in any hospitality venue, highlighting how excellence in cocktail craft can help a venue to stand out from the crowd.

Rebecca Grant, Brand Manager for De Kuyper, tells us why the BMAs, and getting involved with the celebrations, is so important to the brand: “We are proud to support the 2024 Bar Magazine Awards. We absolutely value the expertise of the readers of Bar Magazine, as this aligns with the expertise that De Kuyper offers, empowering the on trade, and off trade, to create exciting cocktails and experiences.

For De Kuyper, cocktails come second nature, and they want to shine a light on all the sector has to offer. Rebecca says: “Sponsoring this award gives us the opportunity to recognise the best Mixologists within the UK Industry. At De Kuyper we recognise there is a cocktail for any occasion, and it is crucial we celebrate and give recognition to this growing category.”

Asking the team why they are looking forward to the awards, and what participants of the BMAs can gain, they explain: “We are looking forward to building a long-term partnership with Bar Magazine and, for De Kuyper, this is an opportunity to showcase how we can democratise the cocktail. We believe it is important to celebrate success across our industry and give recognition to everyone’s hard work. The BMAs will give hospitality individuals a chance to celebrate their personal success and the success of everyone around them, to network and be recognised as the leaders in their field.”

BT Sport are sponsoring the award for Marketing Innovation, which will recognise hospitality operators who have excelled in marketing their services, menus or live events to increase footfall in their venues. We are taking applicants from any hospitality venue who have planned and executed business-changing marketing campaigns.

John Vincent, Marketing Manager at BT Sport, told us about the importance of marketing campaigns in promoting a venue and letting customers know why they should visit. “Pubs and bars are such a great place to watch live sport, and we know a lot of consumers prefer watching big sporting events out of home for the unique experience they get. It is essential for venues that show live sport to promote this and ensure their potential customers know about it.

“Whether that is on your website or social media pages, we understand the importance of venues promoting their events to their local audience – it could be the difference in footfall going to your bar, or a competitor’s. We provide free social media assets to BT Sport customers around upcoming sporting events, which gives you content to use, ensuring that you are the venue of choice for sport-loving customers.”

Like our other supporting brands, BT Sport are looking forward to the amazing night for hospitality. John tells us, “We are really looking forward to attending the BMAs and celebrating the achievements of some great people in the industry. We like to think we are a brand that supports our customers, and helps where we can, to grow their business via live sport, by offering extra support on top of simply providing the live content.”

Join Kopparberg, De Kuyper and BT Sport at the BMAs in January 2024, and apply now here at

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