Sustainable wheat straws hit UK outlets

Wheat Drinking Straws

The Wheat Drinking Straw has launched to the UK hospitality sector, providing operators with an alternative to plastic, paper and ‘bio-plastic’ products.

The naturally compostable, single-use straw is made using a natural by-product from wheat harvests. The wheat is harvested for the grain and the hollow stem is used as a drinking straw.

As well as being completely natural, the stars are gluten-free, taste-free and non-porous, meaning they won’t turn to mush like paper straws.

After discussing the lack of alternatives for the hospitality industry, Wheat Straw Company founders Roger Dipper and Ben Lockwood discovered the idea for the new product while Roger was backpacking around Vietnam.

Brought together by their mutual enthusiasm for the environment, they teamed up to bring this alternative to the hospitality industry in the UK and Europe.

Roger said: “The Wheat Straws Company is passionate about the environment, and by introducing Wheat Straws we want to help businesses reduce their harmful waste.

“We couldn’t see the product on offer in the UK and are so excited to bring this revolutionary alternative to bars, restaurants, hotels and catering companies in the UK and Europe!”

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