Swedish tonic syrup reaches UK for G&Ts and cocktails

Swedish Tonic syrup KitchenLab UK

A concentrated tonic syrup from Sweden has been launched in the UK, inspired by original recipes from the 19th century but with a modern twist.

Swedish Tonic is a carefully balanced syrup, made entirely from raw ingredients, that delivers a prominent bitterness from the cinchona bark – the classic core ingredient for tonic.

This combines with the other ingredients including freshly pressed citrus, agave and juniper to give a complex yet not overly sweet or citrusy flavour profile.

After its launch in its native Sweden, the product is exclusively available in the UK from specialist supplier KitchenLab UK. It comes in striking matte black glass bottles, each containing 200ml of syrup, enough for between 10 and 20 cocktails.

Swedish Tonic can be mixed with soda water or carbonated water to create tonic water. It is also suitable for use in non-sparkling cocktails while its intense flavours make it suited to non-alcoholic drinks.

Unopened, its shelf life is about six months. When opened, shelf life is about a month held at room temperature and up to threee months when refrigerated.

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Luxury Gin & Tonic
20ml Swedish Tonic
40ml Gin
20ml Elderflower concentrate
50ml Sparkling wine
50ml Carbonated water
Fill a highball glass with ice. Add the ingredients and stir. Garnish with freshly ground black pepper, lemon and mint.

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