Sweet Bakes To Suit Every Desire 

With consumer demand for indulgent comfort foods continuing to rise Panesco, a premium frozen bakery brand, is allowing caterers to add real value to their menus with the launch of a wide range of delicious, sweet baked goods – to suit every need.

Starting with its delicious Artisan Swirls, these pastry delights are a true celebration of the taste and craft behind traditional baking. Shiny and elegant, these swirls are made to perfection; a rich brioche-like dough is rolled out, an aromatic filling gets carefully spread out on top, and swirls are formed and delicately cut – all done by hand.

Filled with five sensational flavours – custard walnut, cinnamon, apple cinnamon, custard forest fruit and coconut cocoa – these products ooze indulgence and luxuriousness. 

Panesco has also added the Mini Deluxe Viennoiserie Mix to its range – featuring everyone’s favourites all in one box. These mini delicate laminated pastries comprise an assortment of three French mini laminated yeast dough pastries – custard rolls, raspberry jam rolls with a sweet pink sugar topping and hazelnut almond praline fingers, topped with caramelised hazelnut pieces – a pure delight. 

Ready to bake, this trio of delights gives caterers the perfect opportunity to drive sales and footfall, as well as offering customers great flexibility, variety and value for money. 

Another item to offer variety and uniqueness across foodservice menus is Panesco’s brand new Pretzel Butter Croissant Curved. Anchored in its German roots, this traditional recipe has combined the flavour combinations of the buttery goodness of a croissant and the savoury uniqueness of the pretzel – resulting in a fluffy buttery crumb and a crispy chestnut brown crust with a typical German Laugen flavour and roasting aroma. 

Served hot or cold, this ready-to-bake product is suitable across the menu – from breakfast options to lunchtime sandwiches. 

With a wide range to cover every need, each one of these brand-new products offers the perfect quality and they are not only fulfilling and indulging but also truly delicious.

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