Sweeter berry flavour extends Zeo soft drinks range

Zeo Berryz

A new variant flavoured with blueberry, raspberry and cranberry is to be added to the Zeo mixer and soft drink range.

Due to launch in September, Zeo Berryz is intended to reach a wider audience by offering a sweeter flavour profile than the brand’s existing citrus-based range.

With 45 calories per bottle and with no artificial ingredients or additives, Zeo Berryz is in line with the rest of the low-calorie range.

Mark Young, chief executive of brand owner Freedrinks, said: “The launch of Zeo Berryz follows the success of the current range and is the latest step towards our wider growth plans for the brand.

“With our current variants doing so well across the trade and consumers enjoying the complexity and depth of flavour in Zeo, we wanted to broaden our customer base by creating a flavour that is sweeter in taste.

“While it was primarily developed as a premium, low-calorie soft drink for adults, many bartenders are also adopting it as a cocktail mixer because it provides a great base for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks.

“Skinny cocktails are very much on-trend and bar staff are constantly on the look-out for new and innovative mixers to create low-calorie cocktails. We expect pubs and bars to welcome the new addition to the range.”

Zeo, which is made with a complex recipe of fruits and other botanicals, comes in three other flavours: the peach and grapefruit Burst, the citrus Crush, and the lime Zest.

Freedrinks has also appointed a new marketing director, Ian Greengrass, following the departure of David Smith. Ian has over 22 years as a global marketing director across food and drink brands including Häagen-Dazs, La Vache Qui Rit, Mini Babybel and Nutrition Bel.

He said: “I’m delighted to join the team at Freedrinks at such an exciting time and look forward to growing the Zeo brand both in the UK and at an international level.”

David is leaving the business “to seek a new challenge” after two years with Freedrinks, first as commercial director and then as marketing director, working on the launch of Zeo.

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