Swift ‘shakes up’ its cocktail offering

Swift cocktails
Photos by Jason Bailey

Soho bar Swift has launched an illustrated cocktail menu which features a range of new drinks that evoke emotions.

Headed up by co-owners Mia Johansson and Bobby Hiddleston, but with input and creations from across the team, it is said to be the biggest shake up since the venue’s launch two years ago.

The menu, available at the Swift’s downstairs bar, is divided in to four sections: Bright, Delicate, Stiff and Rich.

Illustrator Sara Stode has created the artwork for the new menu, which sees a lead image for each section, designed to not only evoke the flavour profile of the drinks, but also the feeling, sentiment and emotion they conjure.

The first section, ‘Delicate’, features light flavoured ingredients such as cucumber and blossom flowers, alongside fresh linen and dragon flies, whereas ‘Bright’ not only depicts punchy flavours such as chilli and citrus fruit, but bold colours.

Progressing through the menu, ‘Stiff’ nods to boozier, stirred down drinks with cigar smoke and a dramatic landscape, while ‘Rich’ depicts the decadence of heavier style cocktails with chocolate, cherries and a lipstick kiss.

Mia said: “Swift’s signature style has always been pared-back presentation, and this is something which will very much remain. However, we wanted to create something which would guide guests on the style of drink they’re choosing in a very visual way.

“The images not only convey the flavour profile, but also the feeling and emotion that the cocktails evoke.”

The new menu will also see a move towards more futuristic and current flavours, with cocktails including Hedgerow, a combination of 30 & 40 calvados eau-de-vie, blackberry, Tio Pepe, bay, and still cider, and the “vibrant and buttery” Domino, which combines Green Spot Irish whiskey, macadamia, liquorice root, lemon and egg white.

Alongside the drinks offering, the new food menu will allow the team to provide fresher, more seasonal options with a menu of bocadillo-style sandwiches. Each day there will be a vegetarian, meat, and fish option for a simple but premium selection.

Swift illustrations by Sara Stode
Swift illustrations by Sara Stode
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