Syrup’s Time To Shine

Created by bartenders for bartenders, Bristol Syrup Company offers a plethora of high-quality and tasty syrups andpurées to help bars craft exceptional creations. In this column, the team reveal how syrups and fruit make the base to a perfect serve!

Syrups and fruit juices are incredibly important to making the perfect drink. Spirits are often heralded as the hero but now it’s time for the underdog to shine! Having worked behind the bar ourselves, we know that bartenders work hard to make sure the drinks created and served to customers taste amazing. That’s why Bristol Syrup Company was founded. We carefully develop all our products to ensure cocktails get the quality ingredients they deserve. 

We believe syrups and fruit are the foundation mixed drinks are built on. So many of the classic cocktails we love today rely on them for balance and flavour. They should never be an afterthought when making cocktails. The quality and taste should be just as well considered as the spirits and mixers in order to achieve the best drink possible.

Bristol Syrup Company is a collaboration between Bristol based syrup experts and bartenders. The former brings their vast knowledge and know-how of the syrup world, along with the best equipment to make quality products. Whilst the bartenders, with a wealth of experience from behind the bar, and the taste buds to back it up, make sure the liquids are unmatchable on flavour and on trend. Both sides bring their unique expertise to the table to ensure the products produced are always top-notch from beginning to end.

The team distil down over 60 years of experience to create a range of quality cocktail syrups and purées; tasting authentic to the name on the label and to the liquids bartenders make themselves. Expect consistency throughout the year, no matter the season and thoroughly less messy and time-consuming than in-bar prep.

Because our products have been designed specifically for cocktails, we ensure flavour is the number one priority. Our range is packed full of complex and authentic flavours. We use acidity, bitterness, all natural flavours and vinegar to make our syrups more than just sweet. New product development takes as long as necessary until the liquid is the crème de la crème. All our syrups are developed, created, bottled and labelled here in Bristol, by our expert team. We source quality fruit for our juices and purées to ensure fantastic flavour all year round. The pouches are packed full of 90-100% fruit and the 600ml size is designed to reduce wastage. It’s this bartender knowledge we bring to our liquids, making them the first choice for cocktails. We’re very proud of the award-winning products we have created, they are perfect products to make exceptional cocktails. But don’t just take our word for it, we’re stocked in over a third of the top bars in the UK!

Speaking of cocktails, now we’ve made it through the after Christmas slump and Spring is beginning to emerge. What exciting drinks are we mixing up at Syrup Co HQ here in Bristol? One of our favourite trends which looks to continue its rise through 2024 is Asian influenced flavours. Which we’re very happy about because it ties in nicely with one of our favourite syrups – Yuzu Sherbet. Brimming with the fantastic, aromatic flavour of Yuzu and packing a sharp citrus punch, it’s ideal for citrus led cocktails. We like to swap for lemon juice in a London Calling… 


London Calling


20ml Yuzu Sherbet Syrup

2 dashes of orange bitters

45ml gin

20ml fino sherry


Shake and strain into a Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

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