Tackling ‘Green Guilt’ through praise: New Budweiser UK campaign raises a toast to champions of sustainability

As the UK cautiously begins to emerge from lockdown, new research indicates that there is an epidemic of ‘green guilt’ as 53 per cent of the nation have felt guilt for not always doing ‘their bit’ to help the planet – with large amounts of food waste the most common thing to feel bad about. A third feel responsible because they choose to drive a car instead of walk, while 31 per cent feel remorse for using plastic bottles.

Budweiser commissioned the research as part of a new campaign which celebrates reaching the milestone of brewing all of its beers in the UK with 100% renewable electricity and aims to inspire the nation on the everyday changes that can be made to live more sustainably.

The research also revealed that on average, adults feel remorse four times a week for not acting as environmentally friendly as they could, with 19 per cent of the nation keeping their ‘green guilt’ a secret – by hiding their bad habits from friends and family.

However, whilst 37 per cent still want to do more to be green, almost a quarter of the nation admit a lack of knowledge around sustainability is holding them back and one in eight lack confidence in making more environmentally friendly choices.

As part of the campaign, Budweiser have partnered with musician Professor Green, who regularly champions sustainable issues ranging from fast fashion to greener eating and cleaning up the River Thames, to create a ‘Pro Green Guide’ to help inspire people about some of the everyday changes they can make to start living more sustainably.

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