Tanqueray revives old-style recipe with new Old Tom Gin

Tanqueray Old Tom Gin - bottle shot

Diageo has announced the launch of Tanqueray Old Tom, a new limited-edition based on an original recipe from the brand’s founder.

Inspired by the historically sweeter style of gin once popular in Britain, the new product has been developed by master distiller Tom Nichol with bartenders and cocktails in mind.

At 47.3% ABV, only 100,000 individually numbered bottles will be available worldwide and it will launch into only selected on-trade venues in the UK. It follows last year’s limited-edition revival of Tanqueray Malacca spiced gin.

Charles Tanqueray made his first exploration into the Old Tom style of gin in 1835, using a recipe that has inspired Tom Nichol in crafting the new spirit. The pack design is based on an original Tanqueray Old Tom label from the Diageo archives, dating back to 1921.

The Old Tom style bridges the flavour gap between the original, malty Dutch genevers and the more juniper-forward London Dry styles.

Lighter than a genever but more full-bodied and sweeter than a London Dry, Old Tom gins were a popular spirit during the first golden age of the cocktail in the 19th century and early 20th century. It was an ingredient in classics such as a Martinez, a Tom Collins and a Ramos Gin Fizz.

Tom said: “It’s an honour to be privy to Charles Tanqueray’s recipe book and to bring back a great gin, which reflects the classic Old Tom style but is elevated further by new distilling techniques.”

Tanqueray global brand ambassador Barrie Wilson added: “This exceptional liquid will allow bartenders to recreate authentic Old Tom cocktails with a true sense of how they would have tasted historically.

“As part of this launch, we’ve identified 10 celebrated Tanqueray Old Tom cocktails and included their initials, along with the bottle number, on the front label.

“Our hope is to inspire bartenders to bring these definitive cocktails back for a new generation. I am excited to taste what bartenders create.”

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