TCG links with DVD release for cocktail promotion

cuban fury TCG

A two-for-one offer on cocktails at TCG’s pubs and bars features in the DVD release of British hit comedy Cuban Fury.

The managed pub and bar group has formed a partnership with promotions specialist Play 7 which will see the offer included in the first 200,000 copies of the film, which stars Nick Frost, Chris O’Dowd and Olivia Colman.

It features in a leaflet that can be redeemed when ordering selected cocktails at TCG venues such as Henry’s Cafe Bars.

The latest promotion builds on the success of a voucher in a Soccer AM DVD, which offered consumers a drinks deal when watching sport at TCG venues.

Ben Levick, TCG director of operations, said: “When we approached Play 7 with the idea for offers in relevant DVDs, they were very keen to work with us. Cuban Fury focuses on salsa dancing, which has strong links with Latin cocktails we serve, such as the Mojito.

“We’re both in the business of entertaining consumers, and just as Play 7 is using offers like this to add value to DVDs over streaming a film online, we are using them to bring new customers into our pubs and bars.”

Further targeted offers are being developed by TCG for Play 7 to feature in upcoming DVD releases.

Pictured: Two-for-one Mojitos at the Ivory Lounge, Sutton, Surrey

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