TCG targets fans of The Big Bang Theory with DVD promotion

The Big Bang Theory series 7

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will be offered discounts on food and drink at venues operated by TCG in a promotional link-up to promote the show’s latest DVD.

A voucher, giving a £5 discount on food and drink on a spend of £10 or more, will be inserted in 500,000 DVD and Blu-ray copies of series seven of The Big Bang Theory, which goes on sale this month.

Customers in selected venues will be greeted by posters and point-of-sale materials featuring characters from the series, including quantum physicist Sheldon Cooper with his catchphrase “Bazinga!”. Some bars will also run Big Bang Theory-themed quiz nights.

The offer is the latest in TCG’s ongoing partnership with promotions specialist Play 7. The voucher will also appear in 250,000 DVD and Blu-ray copies of Australian horror film Wolf Creek 2.

Ben Levick, TCG director of operations, said: “The voucher can be redeemed across the business, but The Big Bang Theory is particularly popular with students and younger customers, so our promotional activities will focus on our bars in those markets.

“As well as posters, standees and other POS, we’ll be running Big Bang Theory Quiz Nights in many venues. Unlike Sheldon’s friend and colleague Leonard, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to take part, but a working knowledge of the series will be a big advantage.

“Our ongoing partnership with Play 7 is proving to be very successful in bringing new customers into our pubs and bars, and we’re already working on plans for future DVD releases.”

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