TenderOne machine offers 200 cocktails at the touch of a button


The TenderOne cocktail machine was designed to help bars achieve maximum profits from their cocktails and soft drinks. The award-winning machine creates perfectly measured drink combinations (accurate to 1ml) in as little as three seconds, combating all the common problems of speed, consistency, bar queues and waste.

TenderOne clients, among which are bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, report average monthly sales growth of 12% and make significant savings on spillage, overpours, free drinks and personnel costs. At The Fuzzy Duck in Nuneaton, cocktail sales have seen a steady growth of 10% per week over the last 15 weeks and average weekly turnover has more than doubled.

Real-time data registers every drink poured, providing unrivalled insight into sales & trends and facilitating simple and stressfree stocktaking.

The TenderOne system was designed to sit on the bar in much the same way as a beer tap. With up to 32 individual lines, the key ingredients for each recipe can be poured into the shaker or glass at the press of a button. For less experienced bar staff, the TenderOne has a touch screen, which illustrates how to build or shake the cocktail, and which glass and garnish to use.

TenderOne works with top mixologists to create their recipes but bars can add their own or tweak existing combinations. Once each cocktail is programmed in, it can be consistently reproduced by any member of the bar team. It can store and serve over 200 recipes from cocktails and mocktails to smoothies, lemonades and even iced teas.

TenderOne works on a leasing basis meaning there is no capital outlay required to benefit from the service. Customers can start making profits from the first drink they sell.

Call 01753 290353, email info@tenderone.co.uk or visit www.tenderone.co.uk.


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