The Ada Coleman Project Launches New Digital Platform To Empower Women+ in the Hospitality and Drinks Industries

The Ada Coleman Project has officially launched its global database and dedicated digital space for women+ in hospitality. This digital platform, along with the initiative’s groundbreaking educational activations, aims to foster gender equality and diversity within the industry and offers an array of essential resources including educational content, articles, and industry career opportunities. 

One of the standout features of The Ada Coleman Project is its comprehensive rotating database of accomplished women+ in the drinks industry, designed to serve as a crucial tool for event organisers, competition hosts, bar show organisers, and establishments looking to diversify their panel of guest speakers, masterclass hosts, competition judges, guest bartenders, and beyond. Led by industry veterans Kristine Bocchino and Kaitlin Wilkes, The Ada Coleman Project aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for women professionals while spotlighting their achievements and contributions.

The project’s namesake, Ada Coleman, was the first woman to hold the esteemed position of Head Bartender at the Savoy Hotel in London, and the digital space honours her legacy as a beacon of inspiration for women in the industry. The Ada Coleman Project’s mission is not only to bring awareness to the current inequities in the representation of women but also to offer meaningful and actionable solutions. 

Through mentorship opportunities, collaborations, and advocacy efforts, the project aims to empower women in hospitality and bring awareness to the benefits of diversity and inclusivity. The project’s inaugural digital space features a bi-annually rotating roster of over 50 talented individuals from varying regions, backgrounds, and areas of expertise within the industry. With a mix of industry veterans and rising stars, the platform provides opportunities for collaboration and networking. While many of the featured listees are already well-known and accomplished within their own regions, the goal of the database is to give them global exposure to take their careers to the next level. 

The Ada Coleman Project is not just a platform, but a movement.  

“Our vision is to spotlight the women who innovate and inspire us as an industry, in an effort to raise awareness and encourage meaningful conversation regarding the importance of a more balanced and diverse selection of leaders and educators in hospitality,” said Kristine Bocchino, co-founder, The Ada Coleman Project.

“We believe in cultivating a more inclusive and representative approach to drinks education, empowering our fellow women in hospitality, and inspiring future generations,” added Kaitlin Wilkes, co-founder, The Ada Coleman Project. 

The Ada Coleman Project is supported by a distinguished Board of Advisors, including Lauren Mote, Sandrae Lawrence, Mel Harvey and John Gakuru, who bring their expertise and insights to drive the project’s success.

For more information about The Ada Coleman Project and to stay updated on its launch, visit

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