The Beaufort Bar announces new ‘Interpreted Magic’ menu

Interpreted Magic, The Beaufort Bar

The Savoy hotel’s Beaufort Bar is debuting a new cocktail menu that explores the “fabled history, dark drama and timeless romance” of magic through the ages.

Launching on 16 October, the ‘Interpreted Magic’ menu is split into three distinct sections, each named after and inspired by one of the ‘three pillars’ of a magic performance: The Pledge, The Turn and The Prestige.

Coloured white on the menu, The Pledge section refers to the first part of a magic trick, when a performer builds anticipation in the audience. Featuring light mixed drinks, wines and champagnes, it has been developed to evoke the excited and expectant mood felt at the start of an evening.

The next section, The Turn, is represented by red, and refers to the part of a performance that’s about creating intrigue. The drinks invite guests to “expect the unexpected”, combining “unusual techniques and clandestine flavours” with agave spirits, gin, tonics and fortified wines.

Finally, The Prestige, is shaded with black, and represents the end of the evening or, in this case, the finale, where the audience experiences a “satisfaction in wonder”. The serves in this section focus on dark spirits, including rare whiskies, with “full aromas and rich flavours”.

According to head bartender Elon Soddu, the creation of the new menu has been “a collaborative effort”, with every member of the Beaufort Bar team inventing their own cocktail.

The cocktails themselves present “elegant, minimal and classic serves”, which take inspiration from all kinds of magical figures, from characters in Greek myths, fairytales and English folklore to radical inventors, modern-day scientists and some of the world’s most famous magicians.

The Frozen Petal, for instance, takes its inspiration from Hades, God of the underworld, tricking his beloved Persephone into staying half the year underground by offering her a pomegranate, while The Allure explores the link between the forbidden fruit and magic used in the temptation of the female, referring to the stories of Aphrodite, Eve and Snow White.

Other magical females are represented in Girl Power, which explores telekinesis and how it can be used for good and evil, while Sea & Land, which is inspired by Macbeth’s famous cauldron incantation, explores the magic of prophesy.

Further examples are Merlin’s Madness, which combines Grey Goose Vodka, Cynar Amaro, Rinquinquin aperitif, peach wine, strawberry rooibos tea and lemon, and The Mentalist, a blend of Patrón Silver Tequila, grapefruit, lettuce cordial and orange bitters.

The Savoy’s executive chef Fabrice Lasnon has created a bar dining menu that complements the separate conceptual sections of the menu, featuring oysters, caviar and ceviche in The Pledge, savoury pork belly, beef ribs and sliders in The Turn, and sharing plates with the likes of lobster tempura, miso black cod tacos and truffle pizza in The Prestige.

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