The Beaufort Bar creates exclusive vodka for sipping and mixing

Beaufort Bar Vodka

The Beaufort Bar at London’s The Savoy hotel has launched its own spirit – Beaufort Bar Vodka – which is available to order at the bar.

Although gin and whisky continue to flourish in the UK, vodka is the Beaufort Bar’s bestselling spirit. This prompted the team to think creatively about designing their own expression to be served exclusively to guests.

The Beaufort Bar Vodka (43% ABV) has been developed in collaboration with The Boatyard Distillery in Ireland. Organically produced with wheat, champagne yeast and water, the “distinctive and flavourful” vodka offers an “elevated drinking experience”.

Beaufort Bar Vodka

According to the team, it is highly pronounced on the nose, while the mouth feel presents a uniquely creamy smooth character, with a blend of sweet savoury flavours and notes of beeswax.

The vodka can be incorporated into a variety of mixed drinks and cocktails, such as a Martini, or enjoyed at room temperature. The team are also in the process of developing a new Highball serve to “let the flavour of the spirit sing”.

The bottle design is adorned with a matte black label with a deep crimson embossed design that echoes the bar’s dramatic Art Deco interiors.

Elon Soddu, head bartender at the Beaufort Bar, said: “The objective was to create an expression that really fulfils vodka’s potential.

“We believe that luxury service should work to excite our guests, therefore we have taken what is often an underrated spirit and created a new vodka which we hope will surprise our guests. We believe that flavoured vodkas are going to be a thing of the past and will be replaced by vodkas with flavour.”

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