The Bloomsbury Club Bar launches immersive cocktail concept

Bloomsbury Club Bar Mad Monkey

The Bloomsbury Club Bar is inviting guests to place their fate in the hands of the Diviner this September with the launch of a new immersive cocktail concept.

The bar is offering drinkers an insight into the hedonistic and debaucherous lives of the infamous Bloomsbury Set, and the spiritual aftermath of the First World War, characterised by the popularity of illusions, magicians and mind-readers.

Manifesting this era of prophecy and premonition, the Bloomsbury Club Bar’s Cocktail Diviner has been designed to expose and remedy guests’ deepest desires.

The Bloomsbury Club Bar

Inspired by a special deck of tarot cards, designed in 1910 by the bohemian occultist Pamela ‘Pixie’ Colman Smith, the bar’s new set of 14 cocktails correspond to 14 states of mind or being.

Upon arrival at the bar, guests must allow the Diviner to guide their emotions, exposing their secret yearnings. A cocktail will then be created for their state of mind.

For example, for a night of Seduction, Forbidden Fruit, made with The Botanist Gin, crab apple cordial, Beurre Noisette, Green Chartreuse, Bramley and Braeburn Apples and apple oil, will “transform idle desire into enduring love”.

Alternatively, for those feeling mischievous, the flavours of Mad Monkey, a blend of Avion Plata Tequila, peach citric, egg white, chilli tincture and wasabi and passion fruit dust, promises to curb feelings of recklessness without losing exuberance.

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