Set sail on an adventure of discovery with innovative new drinks list that celebrates the timeless allure of water

Launching on 15th May 2024, The Churchill Bar and Terrace will transform its outdoor space into this summer’s most refreshing, marine-inspired terrace, complete with a brand new signature list of uniquely sustainable cocktails, and a perfectly paired seafood-focused menu. Awash with cooling tones and inspired by the tranquil beauty of ocean waves, guests will be transported to their very own coastal escape in the heart of London’s Marylebone.

The newly designed terrace will see the introduction of the brand-new cocktail menu, UNITY by Water, with a ground-breaking approach to crafting an exclusive list of in-house tonics that have sparked new bounds of creativity from the team. To be served both outdoors and inside the bar, the menu is the latest chapter to team’s signature cocktail journey and a testament to collaboration, with 12 carefully crafted cocktails, all of which have been creatively developed with a specific emphasis on sustainability, a particular passion of Bar Manager Gaston Fusco and his team.

From concept to creation, every element of the new cocktail list reflects the team’s commitment to ingenuity and sustainability with the skillful team having embarked on a shared journey to perfect cutting-edge waste reducing techniques within the venue’s newly installed, on-site laboratory.

Within their dedicated playground of experimentation, the team’s passion for chemistry and mixology have come to life, honing the use of carbonation, and making the most of the typically unpredictable British weather. Harvesting rainwater on the venue’s rooftop using a 9-stage Gravity Water Filter System, the team have created their own in-house tonic used throughout the new list of tipples. The bar has also implemented a range of other innovative techniques, including its own style of maceration and infusion as well as making use of an ultrasonic homogenizer to repurpose patisserie, fruit, and coffee items from the hotel’s kitchen.

Evoking the fresh embrace of the sea, the new cocktail offering is a playful list of cleverly conceived drinks that showcase the artistry of their creators. The sequel to last year’s successful UNITY cocktail menu, the list will once again pay homage to the eclectic and diverse backgrounds of The Churchill Bar’s staff, with a focus on influences from America, Asia, and Europe, with particular highlights as follows:

  • The Marino meaning ‘of the sea’, this deliciously refreshing cocktail is made up of cognac, pear liquor, basil marine spray and in-house Mediterranean tonic water.
  • The Nagomi – named after the town in Japan where inhabitants are known to live in harmony with nature’s power and where ‘Shochu’ was born, a key ingredient along with, shisho bitters and in-house Asian tonic water.
  • The Oceanico made up of Dalmore 12 years, banana rum, nori, woody bitters and arancia amara spray before being garnished with white nori chocolate. This cocktail was curated based on the extreme weathers on Alness, the small Scottish town located next to Dalmore by the mouth of the River Averon
  • The Destiny: named after Afonso de Albuquerque, the Portuguese conqueror of Goa, who arrived with his fleet from Brazil at the port of Goa, India, carrying the world’s most famous Brazilian mangoes, this cocktail is made with mango vodka, mystical herbs reduction, labdanum cordial and sea water and garnished with sea grapes.
  • The Mystique Drops: inspired by the breathtaking colour blend of Kyoto sunsets, the cocktail is made up of Mancino Sakura, punch essence, gin, sumac reduction, Italian amaro and petrichor essence, garnished with a sustainable champagne foam.

In addition to the impressive cocktail menu, there will also be a new bar snacks menu that appropriately celebrates seafood along with specialty meats. Standout dishes include Colchester Oysters, Butter Prawns with tartare sauce, Croque Monsieur, BBQ Pork Skewers and Alfajores Argentinos.

The terrace will be an ideal location to escape the urban jungle and reconnect with the ocean and visitors will be greeted by a harmonious blend of white and blue hues reminiscent of the vast expanse of the open sea. The deliberately cooling color scheme has been tailored to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility, transporting guests to a coastal paradise, far from the bustling streets of London. Vibrant cushions and textiles adorned with intricate patterns will add a pop of colour and vitality, creating a vibrant atmosphere that resonates with the energy of summer. There will also be a range of nautical inspired decorations such as wooden helms, captain’s hats, stained glass buoys and heron sculptures, designed to leave guests feeling as though they’re standing on the deck of a ship.

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