The Drinks Trust calls the drinks industry and hospitality community to have a say in its annual survey to understand the industry’s needs

Today, The Drinks Trust launched its annual industry survey, aimed at better understanding the wider drinks industry and hospitality community, and the needs of its workforce.  

2022 proved particularly challenging for the drinks industry and its community, intensified by the increasing cost of living, which is set to have a profound impact on the financial and emotional well-being across the board. 

The Charity’s beneficiaries have been, and continue to be, amongst those most at risk from the ongoing financial crisis, and reported that in 2022 alone, The Drinks Trust helped well over 4,500 people facing hardship. 

The Drinks Trust industry survey has been created to capture the current state and mood of the drinks and hospitality industry, and understand the concerns and issues of its workforce. The results will help to evolve the services and support it provides, as well as businesses in the drinks and hospitality trade. Covering important topics spanning work, life and wellbeing, it takes just five minutes to complete.

The Drinks Trust CEO, Ross Carter said, “ The Drinks Trust is committed to further understanding the needs of the people within our industry, and as a result, provide the support and services that make a difference. We are therefore asking drinks industry and hospitality organisations, businesses and professionals to share our survey internally with their teams, and with industry colleagues, so we can have a comprehensive understanding of the services needed to make a difference in our industry.” 

Andy Romero-Birkbeck, Founder & Director of We Are Wellbeing, added, “The annual Drinks Industry Wellbeing Survey provides us with a valuable insight into the needs, concerns and views of those working in hospitality.  The data we receive allows us to improve the level of support provided by The Drinks Trust and partners like We Are Wellbeing.”

Jo Taylorson from Kingsland Drinks Group commented: “Building a better drinks industry starts with identifying what can be done to improve in all areas, and then swiftly getting behind initiatives that benefit people on a personal and professional level. This survey is an opportunity for everyone in the drinks industry to affect change. By sharing your feedback, you’ll be helping to take the UK drinks community to the next level.”

Becky Davies from Ten Locks commented: “It’s increasingly the case that hospitality has become a career versus a stop gap; I’ve confidence that those who stay the course and get among what it can offer will undoubtedly be the stars we watch truly succeed in the years ahead. Sharing your opinion now will help to ensure that everyone in the industry has access to what they need to thrive in the long term.”

The survey is open from  6th February 2023 until mid-March, and responses are 100 per cent confidential. By completing the survey, respondents can win various drinks prizes. To take part in the industry survey click here:

The 2023 The Drinks Trust annual survey is backed by Kingsland Drinks Group who actively work to build a better drinks industry, and purpose-led drinks firm Ten Locks who will be working to highlight The Drinks Trust across the hospitality sector this year.  

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