The Drinks Trust raises over £1 million to support the industry

The Drinks Trust

Following a request for support through the ‘Your Round, Help Your Trade’ campaign, The Drinks Trust has raised just over £1 million to support individuals of the drinks industry, many of whom have been affected by Covid-19.

This amount has been made up of over £650,000 in generous donations and fundraising initiatives and a further £350,000 from business partners either renewing or renewing at a higher level. Numerous fundraising initiatives are ongoing.

Since the beginning of March, demand for The Drinks Trust’s services has increased significantly and many individuals have found themselves in desperate need.

Since then, the charity has set out to continue supporting over 350 ongoing beneficiaries, many of whom are amongst the most at-risk groups with regards to Covid-19, as well as increasing capacity and access to wellbeing support to anyone suffering with anxiety and depression concerns.

In addition, The Drinks Trust has completed the Covid-19 Emergency Grant fund, enabling it to provide 1750 beneficiaries with a one-off financial grant of £250 primarily assisting those who face loss of earnings.

The Drinks Trust will continue to support people financially where it can, however, the team are acutely aware of the emerging and likely long-term effects the current situation will have on the mental health and wellness of the drinks industry community.

In the weeks ahead, it will be launching an initiative which will assist members of the drinks industry to live a constructive and healthy life in these times of uncertainty, isolation and distance from an otherwise social and community-orientated industry.

Ross Carter, CEO of The Drinks Trust, said: “We are so grateful to absolutely everyone who has responded so quickly at this difficult time.

“We hope to work with you all on an ongoing basis to ensure that we continue to provide support for all drinks industry professionals. The Drinks Trust supports drinks industry people”.

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