The Effects of the Coronavirus on the Corona Beer Brand

Coronavirus is affecting almost all corners of the globe. People are having to work and home and practice social distancing away from their family and friends. One thing that everybody is thankful for during this difficult time is the internet.

Technology means that you can keep in contact with your loved ones. You can also find out all of the information you need about COVID-19. With more people are home, they are looking for ways to entertain themselves. This is everything from searching for an online bingo site and the latest movies to the trending memes. One joke that has emerged is the similar name between the coronavirus and Corona beer. In particular, more people than ever before were searching for Corona lager online on Google. Popular searches included ‘beer virus’, ‘Corona beer virus’ and ‘Corona beer coronavirus’.

Of course, we all know that there is no real association between coronavirus and Corona lager. But it is interesting to find out the effects this pandemic has had on the brand.

Sales Benefit Despite Pandemic

You would expect Corona beer to have suffered when it comes to sales. The negative association may have deterred people from buying the brand. Yet, quite the opposite has happened in the US. Despite what you would think, more sales of Corona lager have been reported. In fact, people are using this joke for their social media profiles, posting photos of them with the brand.

Another reason why sales increased during March was because everybody was stockpiling for a nationwide lockdown. Everyone knew that they were going to be ordered to stay at home and social distance. So, they took their last moments of freedom to purchase Corona lager. This way, they would have a reserve to enjoy when they were stuck in the house.

People know that there is no association between coronavirus and the brand. Therefore, the pandemic has had the opposite effect than what you may have expected to happen.

Production Has Now Been Suspended

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the brand has announced earlier this month that they would be ceasing production. Of course, this was not a permanent move and only a temporary suspension. This was not down to the association with the name. This was due to the fact that making beer is not seen as an essential service by the government in Mexico at this time. Therefore, the sales of the lager may now dip as a result.

The health and emergency order have meant that Grupo Modelo has also suspended the production of the other beer they make, including Modelo and Pacifico. This means that their business will take a hit since these brands are exported to almost 180 countries around the world.

There was suggestion that Grupo Modelo may try to resume their operations sooner. If they were able to prove that brewing beer was agriculture, this could get around the rules. However, this is not currently what is happening.

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