The Final Call

With the BMAs just three months away, the deadline for award applications draws closer. Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved in hospitality’s freshest event!

Bar Magazine has witnessed unprecedented interest from hospitality professionals in the approaching BMAs, which aim to celebrate the success and talent across the industry. Commencing on 22nd January 2024 at Leonardo Royal Hotel, St. Paul’s, London, the awards will applaud professionals within the bar world with six exciting award categories, Best Mixologist Award, Best Venue Manager Award, Best Dining Concept, Marketing Innovation Award, Venue Design Award and last, but certainly not least, The Environment Award. You can nominate yourself and your venue, a colleague, employee or fellow hospitality friend for an award – and the best part is, you can apply for as many categories as you like!

Imagine what winning an esteemed award could do for your venue…

Applying for an award can open the door to success for businesses, and can provide invaluable opportunities for further growth through branding, recognition across the industry and an increased sense of confidence for you and your venue. The BMAs are presented in collaboration with Bar Magazine, the UK’s leading title for hospitality business advice, which means that applying for an award gives your venue a unique branding opportunity. You’ll be among, and competing with, the best of the best, and having your name in big shining lights provides you with an exclusive opportunity to further grow your brand, improve your business and be noted as a worthy and respectable hospitality key player.

In a huge and competitive industry, it is often easy for your hard work and efforts to go unnoticed. The BMAs aim to commend and celebrate your talent and success, and give you your well-deserved and overdue applause. Applying for an award at the BMAs can elevate your name and brand, by recognising you as an admirable industry star who has set the bar high.

It is all too easy for you and your team to get wrapped up in the hard work that comes with operating a busy and successful venue in the industry, that you forget just how great you are. Applying for, and winning, an award could completely reinvigorate your team, and sprout a heightened sense of purpose, leading to further success in your venue. 

With all these reasons to apply, what are you waiting for? Get your entry in and open the door to success!

Applications close October 8th so don’t miss all the exciting opportunities that the BMAs can offer your business. Apply now at:

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