The Glasgow Distillery unveils first peated whisky

The Glasgow Distillery 1770 Peated

The Glasgow Distillery has launched a peated version of its 1770 Glasgow Single Malt Whisky.

1770 Peated is created by smoking barley with aromatic heather-rich peat from the Scottish Highlands, combined with water of Loch Katrine. The whisky is distilled in copper pot stills and matured in first fill ex-sherry casks and finished in virgin oak.

The new peated expression is described as a “sublime and sophisticated smoky single malt, with hints of flamed orange zest and rich caramel toffee leading to various dark earthy fruits”. The finish is said to be long and smooth, with lingering notes of macadamia and spice.

1770 Peated sits alongside the Original 1770 and will soon be joined by the arrival of the Triple Distilled release in early 2020 to form the 1770 Signature Range.

Liam Hughes, CEO and co-founder of The Glasgow Distillery, said: “It’s very exciting to finally be bringing our peated 1770 out. Our peated run was originally a much smaller percentage of our overall production but when the first spirit came off the stills, the distillers told me I had to taste it.

“Within the hour, Mike, my fellow co-founder, and I ordered three times the quantity of peated malt we had originally planned. The quality of the spirit we were tasting was so good, we just knew we needed more.

“Glasgow is really important to us, not just because we are The Glasgow Distillery, but because Glasgow is now part of a new chapter in the world of single malt Scotch whisky, which is really exciting. Our 1770 Signature Range shines a light on modern distilling, and we’ve produced something we are very proud of.”

The Glasgow Distillery recently revealed its two new whisky stills, which have been named in honour of two of the city’s great female artists, Margaret and Frances MacDonald.

The addition of these new stills will boost the distillery’s production capabilities to approximately 440,000 litres per year – the equivalent of more than one million bottles of its 1770 whisky.

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