The Golden Hour

Eight generations of distilling heritage bring you a new creation with their Gold Artisanal Russian Vodka.

With eight generations of distilling heritage, the Whitley family has been involved in the creation of innovative spirits since 1762, using the very best ingredients from around the world. Its JJ Whitley Vodka range is named after John James Whitley, who was the first of the family to start distilling.

Today, the range is produced at the JJ Whitley distillery in St. Petersburg, Russia, using superlative quality ingredients from quality Russian winter wheat to the purist water from 160m deep artesian wells. This water is naturally soft and goes through four stages of filtration to achieve the optimal balance for distilling. The final result being a premium vodka with a warming spice and a rich, smooth taste.

In addition to its Premium Artisanal Russian Vodka, the JJ Whitley range offers a host of delicious fruity flavours from its best-selling Raspberry, Blood Orange, Watermelon & Lime to the more recently launched Passionfruit and Blue Raspberry.

The flavoured vodka category is now the fastest growing category in the off trade, and as these shoppers start returning to the on trade, it presents a significant opportunity for licensees too. JJ Whitley flavours are well positioned to deliver on this – whether that’s served simply with lemonade or tonic, or putting a spin on a classic cocktail such as a Pornstar Martini, Espresso Martini or a Cosmopolitan.

The latest addition to the JJ Whitley Vodka portfolio is the JJ Whitley Artisanal Gold Russian Vodka. Also distilled at the JJ Whitley distillery in St. Petersburg, the new variant is slowly passed through a filter of fine gold silk thread to produce an incredibly smooth, premium quality liquid. It also comes in a stand-out gold bottle, which will be difficult to miss on the back bar.  

One of the suggested serves is called The Golden Hour. This is quite a simple serve suggestion, perfect for showcasing the smoothness of the liquid. To really dial up the ‘gold’ element though, you could also try adding a little gold dust to the lemon garnish.

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