The golden ticket

The Bar Magazine Awards are all about recognising and celebrating the success within the hospitality industry, but how can the awards propel your business? We tell you exactly how applying, and attending on the special night, can open the door to success for your venue.


The BMAs are presented in collaboration with Bar Magazine, the UK’s leading title for hospitality business advice, which means that applying for an award gives your venue a unique branding opportunity. You’ll be among, and competing with, the best of the best, and having your name in big flashing lights provides you with an exclusive opportunity to further grow your brand and improve your business.


As the saying goes, ‘your network is your net worth’. In simple terms, your business’s success relies heavily on your connections and relationships with likeminded professionals within the industry, with whom you. The BMAs provide a unique opportunity to do just this by putting the industry’s brightest stars all under one roof! Take advantage of this one special night and expand your horizons, by forming new business connections that are sure to elevate you and your venue.


In a huge and competitive industry, it is often easy for your hard work and efforts to go unnoticed. The BMAs aim to celebrate and commend your dedication, talent and success, and give you your well-deserved and overdue applause. After all, who doesn’t want to be recognised for their amazing achievements? Applying for an award at the BMAs can elevate your name, brand and venue, establishing you as an admirable industry key player who has set the bar high.


It is all too easy for you and your team to get wrapped up in all the hard work that comes with operating a busy and successful venue in the industry, that you forget just how great you are. Imagine what winning an esteemed award, and being rewarded for your efforts, could do for you and your team’s confidence and shared morale! Winning an award could completely reinvigorate your team, and sprout a heightened sense of purpose, leading to further success in your venue. 


Though expansive, the hospitality industry is extremely collaborative, connected by individuals with a shared passion and dedication to bringing the best service possible to the public. The BMAs are the perfect opportunity to experience what the hospitality industry is all about: people! Experience a true sense of community by celebrating with fellow hospitality professionals, who exhibit a mutual commitment to the industry.

Apply for the 2024 BMAs today, at

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