The importance of maintenance for Draught beers.

Tips on keeping beer lines cleaned from Heineken.

Beer is the drink of choice for the majority of UK consumers, with over 70% suggesting they regularly drink a pint or bottle of beer in the on-trade. With 94% of all beer being consumed on draught, it’s important to ensure you maintain the highest standards of hygiene and quality control and that starts with your dispense system.

A good cellar management routine is an essential part of any bar’s success, helping to produce consistent quality pints and boost profitability. John Gemmell, On Trade Category and Commercial Strategy Director at HEINEKEN UK explains that it’s vital to:

  • Ensure line cleaning is carried out to correct procedures every seven days (except with HEINEKEN SmartDispense™ systems, where line cleaning can be extended to six- or even twelve-weekly cycles), using brewery recommended detergent.
  • Remove and clean nozzles in hot water after every session, use sanitiser spray for keg couplers, keg wells and cask taps, and ensure the sump is clean and working correctly.
  • Keep cellars at a constant temperature of 11-13°C by installing a wall-mounted thermometer, regularly topping up cooling equipment with water, checking fans and condensers are free from dust and blockages and keeping a planned schedule of maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns.
  • Having a compelling range of beers on offer is only have the challenge, ensuring that these beers are delivered into your customers’ glasses as they were intended from the brewery, is reliant on your dispense system and cellar practices.
  • Customers will not order a second pint if the quality of the first isn’t up to scratch, it is crucial that you maintain consistent standards.

By having clean beer lines and maintaining consistency when it comes to cleaning, you can be sure that customers will carry on returning and ordering more pints at the bar.

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