The latest in Low and No for bars and restaurants

The Low and No category is set to explode in the next couple of years; gone are the days of lime and cordial or a fizzing drink if you’re not drinking! The choice available for non-drinkers is endless, from non-alcohol beers and wines, to spirits that give you the taste of all your favourite tipples. Consumers are becoming more sober curious, with 52% of US adults thinking about, or actively reducing their alcohol consumption this year. It’s the perfect storm of consumer intrigue and emerging brands swooping in to take the market share.

With the launch of alcohol-free bars Redemption Bar in Shoreditch and Getaway in Brooklyn, on trade are also adopting the low and no agenda. But how impactful is this trend for all bars and restaurants, surely if the category is in the early stages it doesn’t apply to you? But having a large selection of low and no alcohol sets you apart from the crowd, it diversifies your offering and makes the bar experience more accessible for the sober, sober-curious and mindful drinkers.

With that in mind, The Lo & No Beverage Summit: North America on June 2-3 in Los Angeles will give you access to emerging brands in the space with large multinationals, to discuss the latest in the premium adult drinks category.  This is your opportunity to better understand the trends in the industry, to inform your purchasing decisions for 2020. Influential bars including Getaway and Columbia Room will discuss their pricing, placing and serving strategies for Low and No drinks.  There will also be extensive tasting sessions and opportunities to meet with the next big things in Low and No, CBD and functional drinks including Athletic Brewing Company, The Ritual Beverage Company and Viv&Oak, the CBD sparkling wine.

To find out more about the event visit the Lo & No Beverage Summit: North America website. As a reader of Bar Magazine we are delighted to offer you a 10% discount on the event. Simply use BM10 at checkout

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