The more you delay, the more you pay!

Synergy Grill Technology vow to help businesses slash their energy bills

With gas prices hitting the headlines once again and wholesale costs reportedly seeing a 250% surge since the start of 2021, Synergy Grill Technology has seen a significant rise in visits to its cost savings calculator: This phenomenal rise in gas prices has seen operators start to look even more seriously at ways in which they can counteract this additional strain on their business. This involves investigating what energy efficient equipment is already available on the market, what savings it can bring to their operation and the additional benefits of installing the latest technology within their venue.

Justin Cadbury, Chairman and CEO of Synergy Grill Technology, explains how investing in a Synergy Grill can result in substantial savings:

Gas prices are set to double, with significant increases from circa 4p kWh rising unprecedentedly to around 7-11p kWh depending on different energy contracts. With quick action, operators can significantly counter this rise by securing themselves a 59% energy saving when they switch to a Synergy Grill.

UKHospitality has already reported an average 41% rise in energy bills, paired with other price hikes including labour costs, food and drink prices and insurance costs which are already putting unprecedented strain on the hospitality industry. It’s very unlikely that energy prices are going to come down and may quite likely escalate further. So, it’s a hard fact that the more you delay, the more you pay!”

Synergy Grill’s revolutionary, patented burner technology allows operators to cut gas consumption by a massive 59% in comparison to commercial gas a grills of a similar size. When you quantify this astonishing figure into monetary value, operators are looking at potential savings of over £9,000 per year, equating to a staggering £48,000* worth of savings over a five-year period. Synergy’s patented heat capturing combustion system delivers this massive financial saving by ensuring that the high heat is focused directly on the food, therefore requiring less energy and providing both an economical and sustainable grilling experience.

Prior to the inflation of gas prices, many energy-efficient pieces of equipment, such as the Synergy Grill, would repay the additional outlay within 9 months. This latest significant inflation in gas prices is likely to mean that operators could start seeing savings within just 6

months after the initial purchase, making it a short-term planning exercise that will generate virtually immediate financial benefits.

To find out how much you could save when you switch to Synergy, visit their online savings calculator:

Compare against a gas model:

Compare against an electric model:

For a quote on delivery times, please call 01480 811000 or email

*depending on the model of grill, calculation is based on a standard SG900 model.

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