The next generation of fries have arrived… and they are REALLY Crunchy!

 Lamb Weston has launched its latest potato innovation; REALLY Crunchy Fries! 

Created to satisfy growing demand for unique sensory dining experiences and sustainably-minded quality ingredients, these ground-breaking coated fries promise an unbeatable long-lasting crunch sensation that no other fry can rival.

Developed exclusively for the OOH channel, REALLY Crunchy Fries are designed for the next era of dining out, appealing to diners that want the very best food experiences, and the entrepreneurial operators seeking to serve them. 

When choosing to eat out, 1 in 2 diners in the UK want food experiences they can’t get anywhere else^ and right now 75% of diners crave indulgent foods that offer sensory pleasure as a means to boost their mental wellbeing and make them feel happier. 

Meanwhile, UK operators want added-value products that offer a ‘wow factor’ moment for their guests, whether they are seeking a memorable in-restaurant experience, or expecting restaurant-quality food as a takeaway or home delivery.  On top of this, operators need product solutions that are elegantly simple, reliable and efficient in every type of kitchen.  Altogether this creates a need for a new generation of fries that make operators stand out for all the right reasons.

 Lamb Weston’s UK Marketing Manager, Pete Evans, says; “Expectations on foodservice operators have never been higher.  Guests want to be wowed like never before and every element of a dish needs to deliver a great quality sensory experience that goes beyond just taste!  Our industry-leading innovations in frozen fries over the past 25 years have created a legacy for world-famous potato solutions in quality, taste and heat-holding capabilities, but now the time is right to elevate the fry experience to a new standard in indulgent, sensory potato enjoyment!”

The science behind why REALLY Crunchy Fries matter

Sensory research by acclaimed audiologist Natan Bauman, MD, revealed that the sensation of crunchy food stimulates feelings of enjoyment and excitement in our brains.†  This makes crunchier foods more pleasurable to eat, so REALLY Crunchy Fries means really satisfied diners!

In a separate sensory study, Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University found that potato chips with superior crispy and crunchy sounds were perceived to be more fresh.†  As consumers regard freshly-prepared foods as better quality, frozen fries that look, feel and taste more artisanal command a higher perceived value and provide a more desirable dining experience.

Consumer research and sales data from all foodservice sectors over the past decade show that diners love the look, taste and heat-holding benefits of coated fries but over this time, fries with a visible, rough or uneven outer texture are perceived as more artisanal or hand-crafted.  We combined this insight with data from chefs and guests that revealed the most important attributes in choosing a high-quality frozen fry are real potato taste, a high level of crispiness and long-lasting crunchiness.*

 Pete Evans adds; “We set out with clear vision to create the crunchiest fry we’ve ever made, and with REALLY Crunchy Fries we have cracked it!  This is a really new and really exciting product that is uniquely different in appearance and mouthfeel, offering an unbeatable fry experience for diners and an unbeatable product solution for forward-thinking foodservice operators.”

REALLY sustainably-minded…

REALLY Crunchy Fries are launched with sustainability front-of-mind.  Vegan-friendly, these exceptional new fries have one of the lowest CO2 impacts of any popular food, at just 0.5-0.6kg of carbon output per Kg of fries produced – which is lower than pasta, rice and bread.  REALLY Crunchy Fries are available as a 9x9mm skin-on serve, which has a 6% lower carbon footprint to comparable skin-off fries, although 6x6mm and 9x9mm skin-off options are also available. 

What’s more, these innovative new fries have the added benefits of more than holding their heat in excess of 30 minutes, which sets a new benchmark for takeaway and home delivery channels.  Plus they are free from allergens and suitable for healthier cooking methods, including oven preparation. 

With these exciting new REALLY Crunchy Fries, Lamb Weston / Meijer is setting a new standard in enjoyment, quality and value in the frozen fries category. 

Ready to experience REALLY Crunchy Fries for yourself?  Visit to request a sample now.

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