The Nightjar Daiquiri

We journey to Nightjar Bar where Head Bartender, Omar Caimi, shares his unique daiquiri with a twist.

What is the inspiration behind The Nightjar Daiquiri?

The inspiration for this serve comes from the Caribbean vibe that Ron Santiago de Cuba offers. Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 11 Years Old is a magical blend of the sweetness of sugarcane molasses and delicate aromas with vanilla, coconut, and dry almond notes to make the perfect base for a daiquiri.

We created our daiquiri with a twist, a delicious mix between fresh lime leaf, rich bee pollen cordial, and a touch of lemongrass. These are elements that marry the essence of Ron Santiago de Cuba, to evoke the humid, Caribbean climate where it originates from.

Ron Santiago de Cuba is one of my favourite spirits because it connects me to the earth with its rawness and simplicity.

How did the creation of The Nightjar Daiquiri elevate your bar?

Inaddition to our daiquiri, we hosted a few different Cuban musicians, making unique evenings for our guests which further elevated our bar, and encouraged customers to try our delicious Nightjar Daiquiri.

The Nightjar Daiquiri


30ml Ron Santiago De Cuba Carta Blanca

20ml Ron Santiago De Cuba Extra Añejo 11 Years Old

7.5ml bee pollen cordial

15ml fresh lime juice 

2 lime leaves 

½ stalk of fresh lemongrass


Gently muddle the lemongrass and lime, then add this and the rest of the ingredients to a shaker. Shake, strain, and serve!

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