The Perfect Serve: Bijou x Pariser

Two women-focused brands are partnering for one night only to celebrate women in their industries during the world-renowned London Fashion Week.

The event

Bijou and Pariser are teaming up to showcase Liu’s latest collection during London Fashion Week. The event is happening on 16th September at the Sarabande Foundation HQ. Here guests will be able to view Liu’s collection in all its glory while being served Bijou’s premium wine range, En Mémoire de Sophie Valrose. This particular wine has been selected for its timeless pale pink hue and its love and tribute to a symbol of women’s rights, featuring fabrics donated by Alexander Mcqueen. It is expected to be a luxe event with Liu’s collection taking centre stage.

About Pariser

Pariser, a couture knitwear brand is being recognised at London Fashion Week as an emerging designer to watch. Camille Liu, the founder and creative director of Pariser is a French-Chinese womenswear designer and alumna of both Central Saint Martins and the late Alexander Mcqueen’s Sarabande foundation. Camille Liu started her career by training at Chanel’s Maison Lemarié, Lanvin, and Atelier Vernuox as an artisan in their respective crafts. Liu challenges notions of knitwear’s functional and sometimes utilitarian nature with playful jewelry elements.

Pariser is known for low-volume beautiful pieces that are a playful juxtaposition of the functional and the luxurious while exploring with frayed hems, jagged edges and unique cuts. When Camille makes her pieces, she uses an artisanal fashion house in Madagascar that champions the female artisans that work there, providing a safe space to practice their craft and fair wages, maternity leave, and other incredible protections that we may take for granted. An ethos of Pariser is longevity, aligning with a more sustainable approach to fashion. According to Camille, she hopes that people will treasure the items for years, which is a stark contradiction to the disposable nature of most fashion today.

About Bijou

Bijou is a small and dynamic producer working out of Languedoc in the south of France. They prioritise making qualitative wines sustainably. The award-winning wines are recognised in 40+ countries, as they find lesser-known producing areas and strive to create wines that our a perfect serve for consumers. Hugely driven by sustainability, the wines are HVE Level 3 or organic certified and vegan. It is their belief that everyone deserves a little luxury in their lives, no matter their price range, and that is what they have strived to create. Many of the wines carry the name Sophie Valrose, to demonstrate dedication to uplifting women working in the wine industry, past, present, and future.

“We are humbled to working alongside Camille and the Sarabande foundation, Camille shares our vision of women-focused quality and sustainability, and we can’t wait to showcase our wines alongside her gorgeous pieces.” – Molly Friskin, Marketing Executive Bijou Wines

In Languedoc and Provence, local legend speaks of a woman who fought honourably for the rights of her fellow female workers in the vineyards. Women during this time were often relegated to the back-breaking and unpleasant labour in the vineyards, while being paid significantly less than their male counterparts. Sophie Valrose symbolises the fight that women undertook at the turn of the last century to be recognised for their dedication to the wine industry, which would not have flourished without their efforts.

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