The Proof is in the Provenance

Committed to importing premium beers, Morgenrot reflect on their activity.

Morgenrot have been importing premium beers for over 40 years. Initially starting with Germany, they expanded to add leading brands from Spain, Argentina, U.S.A., Canada and Namibia to their portfolio.

Their focus has always been on quality and provenance – a commitment to beers rooted in their origins, with a sense of history or a compelling backstory if recently founded. Over the past decade, with drinkers searching out ‘authentic’ beers, Morgenrot has been in the optimum position to diversify its agencies and branch out into differing styles and countries of origin.

The recent volatile economic pressures on smaller craft breweries has, though, resulted in a significant contraction in this sector. For example the number of Spanish craft breweries, previously a highlight of Morgenrot’s listings, has halved from 600 to 300 with a forecast of around 200 surviving by the end of this year.

In this climate the larger internationally positioned brewers have been in a better position to weather the financial storm. Within the premium sector of this market, Morgenrot’s long standing association with them has been equally advantageous.

The relationship with Cervezas Alhambra is a case in point. Brewed in Granada it remains a ‘genuine import’ with a notable tagline of “Slow Crafted in Spain” – and thus aligned to Morgenrot’s emphasis on provenance. Named after the city’s magnificent Alhambra Palace, Alhambra beers, like the Palace, are a by-word for tradition and craftmanship.

The highly regarded, ultra-premium, 6.4% abv Alhambra Reserva 1925 is named after the year of the brewery’s foundation and was first brewed in 1997, inspired by recipes used in the original brewing of their lager. The iconic, embossed, label-less, bottle (awarded both Gold and overall ‘best in show’ for packaging at the International Beer Challenge) is based on the original bottle design. Reserva’s companion beer Roja is a reinterpretation of a central European ‘Bock’ style. Its 7.2% abv conceals an unexpected and extraordinary delicacy within its intensity.

In the competitive draught lager market, Morgenrot is fully committed to offering beers that are ‘genuine imports’ – with Singular being Alhambra’s listing. The authenticity that sets beers like these apart from UK brewed alternatives does, though, come at the price of extra transport costs; with steel kegs being returned to Spain for refilling – and in preference to the discarding of one-way plastics.

Being on-trade focussed, Morgenrot are in a strong position to promote the benefits of stocking authentic, imported, premium beers – giving discerning drinkers both value and hopefully an informed choice regarding provenance.

Morgenrot, founded in 1970 and still family controlled, are Manchester’s oldest established importers of beers and wines and specialise in quality products and excellent service. They distribute direct through depots in Manchester, West Sussex and Bristol. Nationwide delivery is available.

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