The Punch Room creates cocktails inspired by the elements

The Punch Room ‘The Five’ Volume III

The Punch Room at The London Edition hotel has unveiled the latest chapter in its ‘The Five’ cocktail series, inspired by the five classical elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

The series kicked off with ‘Volume I’, which celebrated the five main ingredients of punch (spirits, water, citrus, sugar and spice), and was followed by ‘Volume II’, a menu focused on key moments in punch’s illustrious history.

To create the latest instalment, ‘Volume III’, bar manager Andy Shannon has drawn on the five fundamental elements of Aristotle’s ancient philosophy: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Representing the first of the five elements, Earth drinks celebrate aged spirits and ingredients such as roots, grass and wood, and reference ancient cultures, fertility cycles, crystals, goddess Gaia and lumberjacks.

An example from this section is Bliss, created with Grey Goose Le Poire Vodka, Californian chardonnay, St Germain, peashoot syrup, lemon juice and green strawberry bitters.

The next section, Water, features longer, lower-ABV serves such as the Igloo Punch, a combination of Ruinart Brut, Da Mhile Seaweed Gin, cloudberry liqueur, lemon sherbet, green tea, lemon juice, ambergris and lemon sorbet.

Moving into Fire, guests can expect cocktails with “energy and passion”, using spice and ingredients that “challenge the palate”. Inspiration is drawn from Greek mythology, space and the Great Fire of London.

Prometheus, for instance presents a concoction of Mezcal Pierde Almas, butter-washed Mastiha, Amaro Montenegro, Pu-Erh tea, fennel pollen syrup and lime juice.

The third section and element, Air, is made up of light and delicate cocktails with “a touch of intelligence and ethereality”. Examples include Father Sky, with Chivas 12, kiwi syrup, lime juice, cloud tea and Veirmut, and Low Altitude, a blend of Portobello Sea Edition, Martini Ambrato, lemongrass tea, lemon sherbet and lemon juice.

Finally, Ether or Aether, conjures up the intangible, the elusive and the spiritual. Cocktail enthusiasts can try Cosmic Ramos, which is made with Hibiscus Banks 5 Rum, banana liqueur, egg white, lemon juice, lime juice, vanilla, orange flower water and almond milk.

The new menu also features some of Punch Room’s most-loved drinks from previous years.

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