The Savoy hosts the launch of ecoSPIRITS

The Savoy plays host to the European launch of ecoSPIRITS – a new low waste, low carbon spirits technology, and debuts what could be Europe’s most sustainable cocktail.

Founded in Singapore in 2018, ecoSPIRITS has been adopted by more than 600 iconic bars and hotels across the globe. Now in the process of launching in Europe (starting with the UK this summer) it is the world’s first low carbon, low waste distribution technology for premium spirit, eliminating nearly all packaging waste and saving between 70-90% of CO2 emissions associated with the distribution and consumption of spirits. 

The Savoy, Portobello Road Gin and ecoSPIRITS support the United Kingdom’s drive for Net Zero in carbon emissions. One of The Savoy’s core values is sustainability, always looking for ways to improve and recognising how being environmentally friendly is increasingly important to guests. From this, the hotel hopes that hosting the launch of ecoSPIRITS encourages new people to visit the hotel and try their eco-friendly cocktail, the Co-Naissance. This cocktail involves no packaging or ingredient waste, no single use glass and eliminates more than 1.8kg of C02 emissions per cocktail through waste reduction and reforestation.

Building on their history of innovation, the team at The Savoy are always looking for ways to minimise waste and recycle, reuse and reduce their carbon footprint while still maintaining the luxury experience offered to their guests. A first-mover in this area, The Savoy have a good track record for implementing new initiatives and gaining both national and international recognition for their efforts.

Virginia Webb, Director of Marketing Communications commented; “Perhaps one benefit of this initiative is that it demonstrates tangibly that though we are steeped in history as a brand, we’ve got an incredibly modern and innovative approach, as well as values that resonate with an eco-conscious contemporary consumer”.

Previously, The Savoy has worked for years to introduce green initiatives – notably working within Accor’s Planet 21 framework that’s based on the Rio Earth Summit of 1992. Additionally, The Savoy have implemented a host of initiatives including measures to reduce water and energy consumption as well as working with sustainable suppliers, having thousands of trees planted on their behalf via PurPlanet’s reforestation programme and converting waste into renewable energy.

Looking ahead to the future, The Savoy wants to continue working with ecoSPIRITS; “We definitely want to expand our collaboration with ecoSPIRITS and to keep improving how we work. We are, however, ultimately dependent on more spirits manufacturers coming on board with this kind of initiative too. 

“We hope they sit up and notice what we’re doing.  There is no downside to our collaboration with ecoSPIRITS – and if there is a shift in the way spirits are delivered and cocktails are produced, then we as an industry could make a hugely positive impact on the environment” Virginia added.

The Savoy are aiming to continue their collaboration with ecoSPIRITS and hope that other venues will follow their example and adopt a more sustainable approach to hospitality.

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