The secret behind Kyocera’s blades

Three reasons why ceramic knives should be part of every modern kitchen.

Over 20 million sold knives worldwide – the Japanese fine ceramics specialist Kyocera established the superior alternative to conventional steel-blade knives. Not only professional chefs appreciate ceramic blades, nowadays they can be found in home kitchens more and more often. What makes the Kyocera Knives so popular? It is the mix between the sharpness, durability, and the incomparable cutting performance.

What is the secret behind Kyocera blades?

1. Decades of experienced Japanese handicraft

Kyocera has been developing high-tech ceramics for over 40 years and has created a material with tremendous hardness combined with high fracture resistance – not to be compared with the conventional material known from tableware or pottery. The blades are hardened in a particular process with a force of about one ton per square centimeter. Each knife is carefully polished by hand on a diamond-coated grinding wheel, resulting in exceptional wear resistance and superior sharpness. 

The handiwork and years of expertise are worth the effort, as each blade is designed slightly differently, so adjustments must be made with a sense of proportion and the instincts of a skilled craftsman. Unlike conventional blades, Kyocera ceramic knives hardly ever lose their sharpness and cutting precision over the years.

2. It’s a matter of shape

Kyocera’s special blade shape makes it possible to cut a wide variety of foods with the utmost precision and ease: The blade’s edge is round, and shell shaped. Due to this shape, the material is significantly more resistant to chipping which also means that the sharpness is maintained for a longer time. In addition, the shape helps to slide incomparably smoothly through the product to be cut, which simplifies the preparation of food.

3. Quality is the highest premise

Before the knives are transferred around the globe, they all have to undergo a quality inspection: The blades cut into a stack of papers. If the blade gets stuck, skips a spot or does not make a clean cut, the test is failed and the knife is removed from sale. Only if the knife approves this test without any problems, the high settled quality standards are fulfilled.

Another advantage is the amazing ease of cleaning. The corrosion-free blade does not absorb odors and can therefore be cleaned up quickly without much effort. Furthermore, the knives are also dishwasher safe.

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