Toast of Paris

Courvoisier’s annual Toast of Paris International Cocktail Competition is back for a second year.

The competition will challenge the world’s top bartenders to push the boundaries of the Cognac category and capture the exuberance of the Paris Golden Age (1870-1910) through the art of modern mixology.

This year, bartenders will be tasked with creating two unique Courvoisier cocktails. The first is an aperitif-style drink that has a low ABV, is ideal for before dinner and encapsulates the Parisian lifestyle of frequenting brasseries and cafes. The second is a cocktail inspired by the Parisian nightlife that captures “La Joie de Vivre”.

One cocktail will need to represent the Belle Époque era in Paris (late 1800s) and the other a modern twist on a Paris Golden Age cocktail. Entry for submissions will close on 3rd March 2017 and the global final will take place in May in Paris. For information on how to enter, please contact your Maxxium UK sales representative.

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