The Zetter Clerkenwell

We speak to The Zetter Clerkenwell’s General Manager, Altan Buyukgiray, who shares more details about the outstanding venue and what winning the Best Venue Design Award means to the team.

Please tell our readers briefly about The Zetter Clerkenwell.

The original idea for The Zetter Clerkenwell was to create an environment that is intimate, yet entertaining, where guests would be able to enjoy superbly crafted original creations, while wondering at all the odd and original artefacts and quirky designs that make The Parlour at Zetter Clerkenwell such a special place. As a design-led venue, we wanted to make the place feel welcoming, with sustainability in mind. Therefore, The Parlour has become a melting pot of original antiques from all periods, picked up at auctions and repurposed for the occasion. This shabby chic style gives The Parlour a lived-in feeling, creating the familiarity you get when walking into someone’s home. Our ethos of having guests relaxed and comfortable is half the job done, and this concept allows us to keep our green credentials up!

How important is the design aspect within wet-led venues?

With so many new venues opening in the recent years – many with minimalist designs, where the aesthetic is privileged as opposed to comfort – customers are craving a return to a more sincere hospitality scene where they can enjoy great drinks and fresh food made simply, all in surroundings that take them away from their daily lives; homely, without sacrificing the look or the service, and The Zetter Clerkenwell offers just that.

What does winning the Best Venue Design Award mean to the team?

Winning the Best Venue Design Award is an incredible honour for our team and a testament to the dedication, creativity and hard work that went into crafting a truly exceptional space.

This achievement holds immense significance for us on several levels. It recognises the collective effort and talent of our team members, who contributed their skills and passion to bring the venue design to life; it acknowledges the countless hours of brainstorming, planning and meticulous execution that went into creating a space that stands out in terms of innovation and aesthetics; it symbolises the culmination of teamwork, creativity and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Why would you encourage fellow hospitality venues and the teams behind them to get involved in the 2025 Bar Magazine Awards?

If your design is an integral part of your identity, the Bar Magazine Awards is for you. Getting the award validates and gives peer recognition to the hard work that has gone into creating an authentic and genuine experience via thoughtful design, in a very competitive market. 

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