Thief in the Night

Tropical Tiki meets dark and moody this August as the season begins its shift into autumn.

Deep into summer, the drinks and beer gardens are out in full swing. However, there is a bittersweet feeling knowing that summer is nearly over as autumn looms, meaning darker nights are on the way. This new creation reflects the changing season through flavour, as Thief in the Night combines the sweetness of Tiki rum and strong sensations of its dark counterpart.

Jason Holmes is a pharmacist who currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, USA, who has been crafting cocktails since 2015. What once began as a creative outlet has now evolved into a passion and business endeavour for Jason, recently launching Holmes Bar, LLC— offering cocktail consulting, photography, content creation and private classes (see

Jason has a taste for creative cocktail development, putting modern twists on the classics with a particular penchant for jaw-dropping garnishes and stunning presentation. A big fan of variety and always trying new things, a few of his favourite cocktails include the Boulevardier, Jungle Bird and Naked & Famous.

Jason has been crafting cocktails since 2015, experimenting with all sorts of flavours and spirits. This has allowed him to channel his creative intuition, now making his own stylish garnishes; “While the garnishes started as simple, crude cut-outs with a paring knife (e.g. flower, bird wings), they have slowly evolved to become more intricate works of art furnished with an X-acto knife (e.g. continents, matador, werewolf)” He said.

“Primarily marketing myself on Instagram presents the challenge of conveying a cocktail, which is meant to be consumed, through a visual platform. I thought an over-the-top garnish could assist in these endeavours, both telling a story and further reinforcing the themes of a given drink”.

Rum is one of those spirits that is so versatile but often misconceived as only being suited to certain seasons. In this original cocktail, Jason combines these flavours with one of his signature garnishes; “I chose to feature an original cocktail that I’ve been experimenting with of late called ‘Thief in the Night’, which highlights Haitian rum and a lovely pairing of apricots, bitter orange and walnut to great effect.” Haitian rum is trending this month as Brits continue to bask in the sunshine.

Think bright, tropical tiki meets dark and moody. It also showcases one of my signature citrus peel hand-carved garnishes to round out the tropical motif” Jason says. Bright and tropical, dark and moody, reminiscent of British weather and the perfect new creation for this month.

“The concept of this drink was originally inspired by my attempts to recreate another drink I had seen at a bar, recently.

“I had attempted to combine multiple fruit liqueurs, orgeat and ginger ale — which resulted in a cloyingly sweet mess. I decided to keep the bones of what I enjoyed from that experiment, and build with additional, complementary flavours. It took about three to four attempts to arrive at the final cocktail” he added.

Thief in the Night is this month’s summer cocktail. As Jason has shown, whether you’re working from home marketing your business or looking for a new menu inspiration, Thief in the Night might just steal your customer’s attention. Good luck trying to recreate the garnishes!


1.25 oz Haitian Rum

3/4 oz White Overproof Rum

1/2 oz Lime juice

1/4 oz Apricot Liqueur

1/4 oz Amaro Averna

3 dashes Black Walnut bitters

Garnish with mint sprig and grapefruit peel ‘tropical leaf’.