This is SXOLLIE, the rebellious xider for the 72% of us who don’t like drinking cider!

Not for the average cider drinker, welcome to the SXOLLIE squad! The rebellious and juicy beverage that is here to change the dreary perceptions of cider, and is finally good enough to replace wine or a G&T.

SXOLLIE (pronounced sko-llie) is a xider made using some of the world’s most favourite eating apple varieties from South Africa: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Cripps Pink. Start your evening and after work tipple with a SXOLLIE – a refreshing, highly drinkable, and lightly carbonated beverage made with absolutely zero sugar.

A delicious liquid that is already making waves in the UK, SXOLLIE is for the modern hustler, the cheeky at heart, and mindful drinker.

The Flavour – not suitable for cider drinkers The range consists of three different xiders that can be paired beautifully with food: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Cripps Pink.

SXOLLIE is 100% natural and has no concentrate or added sugar – South African sun-kissed eating apples are fermented with champagne yeasts in stainless steel tanks to preserve the bright apple varieties. It makes for a decidedly different cider, that’s why SXOLLIE calls it xider.

It’s not always about the awards but SXOLLIE prides itself as a multi-award-winning liquid including numerous “best in class” and Great Taste Awards.

The Disruptors

Laura Clacey & Karol Ostaszewski, the SXOLLIE founders, decided to try their hand at creating a completely natural and lower alcohol alternative to wine or G&T. Being South African, Laura knew there was an abundance of fantastic produce coming from the country and thought to make a cider like a wine, using single varietal apples.

“I often found myself staring at the bar not knowing what to order. Wine and G&T would be my first choice, but are way more alcoholic than beer or cider. This can be dangerous as the rounds progress, and I just didn’t like the taste of cider. So I thought, why not reinvent cider?” explains Laura, one of the few female founders in the alcoholic beverages space.


SXOLLIE is the UK’s first cider company to be certified as a B Corp, an accreditation that only a handful of alcohol brands have achieved. This sets SXOLLIE apart from other cider brands as it caters to those who love a great-tasting beverage but are also thoughtful of the impact it has on the planet.

More importantly, SXOLLIE has no added sugar. Sugar (or syrup) is added to almost all UK ciders. This sugar is produced in far-off countries and needs to be shipped, but the source of this raw material is often opaque and fraught with human rights issues, not to mention the emissions and pollution from processing.

Just like their apples, SXOLLIE has hand-picked every single one of their suppliers, vetting them for their environmental and social performance. Ensuring that every step of the SXOLLIE experience is mindfully made.

Find SXOLLIE at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Tesco.

*SXOLLIE sampling campaign 2021 from 10,000 consumers


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