Three Stills releases Puffing Billy Steam Vodka

Puffing Billy Vodka

The Three Stills Company has launched a new vodka from its The Borders Distillery in the UK.

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka (40% ABV) is an unfiltered malted barley vodka. It is named after the Carterhead still which plays a “key role in its production”.

The small batch spirit is steamed through charcoal inside the still, rather than filtered as a liquid. This is said to result in an “incredible depth of character” and “creamy mouthfeel”.

Rod Gillies, head of marketing at The Borders Distillery, said: “Vodka is an important segment of spirits, but it has lagged behind other drinks in recent years, making it ripe for reinvention.

“Our distillers developed a unique way to make vodka – pot-distilled malted barley spirit, re-distilled in a Carterhead, and steamed through charcoal.

“It’s the only vodka in the world made like this. The unique process makes for a genuinely fantastic vodka. I was blown away when I tasted it.”

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka is described by its makers as a versatile spirit for mixology. It can be balanced with sharp and dry mixers, while the tropical, citrus and grassy notes are said to work well with berry fruit flavours. The vodka’s “subtle malt character” can also balance stronger citrus or sour fruit tastes such as grapefruit.

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka joins Kerr’s Borders Gin and Lower East Side whisky in the Three Stills portfolio.

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