Thrill and chill with Belvoir Fruit Farms this Halloween

Halloween and Bonfire Night have become huge sales opportunities, second only to Christmas. Stock up on Belvoir Fruit Farms Cordials and Pressés to make sure you can take full advantage.

Belvoir’s drinks are made using honest ingredients with no scary artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives; they’re multifunctional as refreshing soft drinks, alternative mixers with spirits (of the alcoholic variety) and can replace overly sweet syrups in cocktails and mocktails.

See just how delicious they are in cocktails by serving these Halloween themed brews guaranteed to thrill, or two Bonfire Night options sure to ignite sales.

The Vampire Breakfast
35ml Golden rum
15ml Belvoir Ginger Cordial
75ml Pomegranate juice
10ml Lime juice (Or 2 squeezed wedges)
Cubed ice
1 Lychee stuffed with raspberries on cocktail stick
Pour all ingredients into a hi-ball filled with cubed ice and garnish with the lychee.

Bloody Belvoir
2 x 25ml shots of Vodka
1 shot of Belvoir Ginger Cordial
2 drops Tabasco
25ml Tomato Juice
Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Add extra tomato juice if required. Cherry tomatoes to garnish.

Honey, Lemon and Ginger Mojito
2 parts Dark rum
1 part Belvoir’s Honey, Lemon & Ginger Cordial
1 part Lime juice
6/8 Mint leaves
Top with something fizzy: soda/Belvoir Freshly Squeezed Lemonade/Belvoir ginger ale/sparkling wine/cider etc.
Add the first 4 ingredients to a tall tumbler and fill with ice. Top with something fizzy and stir until chilled and mixed. Garnish with a sprig of mint or twist of lime.

Belvoir Hot Toddy
15 ml Belvoir Ginger Cordial
3 wedges of lemon squeezed
150ml boiling water
1 cinnamon stick
2 thin slices root ginger
35ml Scotch whisky (blended whisky if available)
Sugar to taste
Serve in a cup with a handle as the vessel will get very hot. Add all ingredients into a cup with a handle and steep for 30 seconds. Ensure you squeeze the juice from all three lemon wedges into the cup but only drop one squeezed lemon wedge into the drink, discard the other two. Stir well and garnish with the sprayed zest of an orange peel and lemon rind if available. Add more Belvoir Ginger Cordial or lemon juice and sugar to meet individual tastes.

To stock Belvoir drinks and make your Halloween a howling success, call 01476 870286 or visit

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