Tiny Rebel brewery rebrands its bars ahead of expansion

Urban Tap House Cardiff

The Urban Tap House bars in south Wales have been rebranded to share the name of their owner, Tiny Rebel Brewery, as part of expansion plans.

The owners relaunched their Tiny Rebel bars in Cardiff and Newport with new signage and branding at the weekend ahead of plans to expand them to new towns and cities and eventually overseas.

It follows the brewery being given the green light for a £2.6m relocation to the outskirts of Newport which will provide extra storage and production capabilities so it can increase production fivefold to 5m litres a year.

Co-founder Brad Cummings said: “With the new brewery site and the increased flexibility it will bring on the horizon, we have an eye to the future of Tiny Rebel.

“Our growing success and popularity of beers such as Cwtch, which was Champion Beer of Britain 2015, meant that we were at full capacity and restricted in our plans for new venues.

“Now though, we can start seriously considering expansion. By re-branding the existing bars, we hope to be able to transport Tiny Rebel to new cities and, eventually, countries.”

The re-brand also means an increased focus on Tiny Rebel beers with more being available at the bars.

Gazz Williams, co-founder and head brewer, added: “We are incredibly proud of the success of the Urban Tap House bars. They have both become very popular venues and firm fixtures of the Cardiff and Newport foodie scenes.

“It felt like the right time to re-name them. We want as many people to enjoy our beers as possible, and the bars are great way for people to find us.

“It’s also going to allow us to expand the range of our much-loved limited-edition beers behind the bar.”

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