Tony Conigliaro launches new vodka brand

Coral Rose Fizz

Drinks pioneer Tony Conigliaro has launched the first expression in the Woltz’s brand, a pure grain vodka infused with rose petals.

Produced at Drinks Factory, Tony’s research and development space in East London, using contemporary distillation techniques, the new Rose Petal Vodka is flavoured with rose petals to create a soft floral aroma and taste with a dry finish.

It will be the first in a series of flavoured vodkas using popular English ingredients that will be released under the Woltz’s label.

Woltz’s is distilled using vacuum stills. Using pressure rather than heat to extract the essence of the botanical or ingredient, the delicate flavours are kept intact, resulting in a “more natural expression”.

Tony Conigliaro has been creating flavoured vodkas using this method for almost a decade, serving them in cocktails at his bars including 69 Colebrooke Row.

Distilling dried pink rose petals with a neutral grain vodka, Woltz’s Rose Petal Vodka boasts soft floral aromas with a clean dry rose taste and peppery finish. It is smooth on the palate and can be enjoyed neat on the rocks or in a variety of cocktails such as the Coral Rose Fizz, which is described as “an elegant and aromatic twist on the champagne cocktail”.

Woltz’s Rose Petal Vodka’s red and black bottle design, created by co-founder Adrian Fillary, is inspired by iconic cinematic periods and each variant released will feature a cocktail recipe by Tony Conigliaro that can be replicated at home.

Woltz’s Rose Petal Vodka will be distributed by CASK Liquid Marketing.

Coral Rose Fizz
15ml Woltz’s Rose Petal Vodka
3 dashes Peychaud Bitters
1 White sugar cube
100ml Champagne
Dash the Peychaud Bitters onto the sugar cube and add to a champagne flute. Add Woltz’s Rose Petal Vodka and top with champagne.

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