Top five ways to occupy yourself in a bar

Playing cards

Heading to a bar or pub is something nearly ubiquitous, not only in UK culture but across the world. You’ll go there with friends and sometimes you’ll just want to relax on your own with a drink and a little bowl of peanuts.

It’s one of the principal public places to enjoy the company of others, but you don’t need to rely on conversation alone to entertain yourself. This article lists the top five bar activities to keep you occupied on those long January nights at the watering hole.

1. Pack of Cards

It’s always a joy when someone in your company whips a pack of cards from their back pocket when the conversation is exhausting somewhat. Nearly everyone is schooled well enough in card games to play, such as blackjack or hearts over a bar table. And if someone in your company isn’t well-versed in card games, there’ll be plenty of people eager to teach them. Traditional and endlessly fun, a pack of cards takes the top spot for enabling bar activities.

2. Board Games

Many bars and pubs these days own an odd collection of board games for customers to unleash on their friends. Even if they don’t, there will barely ever be a complaint when you unfold a board on a table in your favourite bar. From Scrabble through to the epic scale of Risk, board games are great long-term fun, making them the perfect activity to conduct alongside pleasant conversation.

3. Betting

If your favourite bar is a sports bar, why not have a little flutter and place a couple of bets on the football, rugby or horses. Or, if you’re not able to watch sports, you can head to Live Casino Unibet to bring the casino to your pub table as you relax in a comfortable environment with a wide variety of drinks. It’s the perfect way to extract a little bit of thrill and excitement while couched in your favourite chair in the bar.

4. Parlour Games

Enduringly hilarious and accessible, parlour games are a great curveball to introduce into your standard evening in the pub. Get together with a group of friends or colleagues to chuckle heartily as those around you attempt to act the name of a movie silently, or guess the name stuck on their forehead. There’s no rules and no winner; it’s just an excuse to have a giggle with those you’re closest to.

5. Quiz

This list would be incredibly incomplete if we weren’t to mention that old stalwart of community pubs and social bars – the quiz. Get yourself a regular team and fight it out with the other regulars to prove yourselves in a test of your general knowledge. You’re unlikely to be more than a couple of miles from an establishment that offers regular quizzes, which means you’ll easily be able to accommodate a weekly quiz in your social routine with a group of your most brainiac friends.

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