Top mixologist makes beer cocktails for Badger

Disco BadgerLeading mixologist Nick Strangeway has created a range of cocktails for brewer and pub operator Hall & Woodhouse using its Badger ales.

Part of a growing trend in beer cocktails, the historically-inspired recipes with a modern twist mix the beers with spirits such as bourbon, tequila and absinthe. Examples include the Disco Badger (pictured above) which combines gin with marmalade and Badger’s Tangle Foot golden ale.

The cocktails have been created to appeal to current beer drinkers and attract people who do not normally drink beer.

Anna Corbett, brand marketing manager for Badger, said: “The beer cocktails that Nick and his team have created for Badger are outstanding.

“We approached Nick as we wanted to develop a series of beer cocktails using history as our inspiration but with a relevant and contemporary approach, whilst working with on-trend brands and ingredients.

“They have surpassed our expectations, creating a series of cocktails through extensive experimentation and tasting sessions which will appeal to beer drinks and non-beer drinkers alike.

“The countryside is at the core of Badger and these recipes have retained our roots whilst showing that Badger is always able to create a richer experience for the consumer.”

Nick is part of drinks consultancy Strangehill and has developed cocktails for London bars such as Mark’s Bar at Hix, Hawksmoor and Floridita. He started bartending in the 1990s, training under top mixologist Dick Bradsell at bars such as Atlantic Bar & Grill and Detroit.

Nick said: “Since the 16th century there is a long, well-documented history of beer being used as the base in cocktails, documented by some of the most respected authors of their time.

“Using these historical recipes and influences and working with Badger ales, we created a range of cocktails designed for the modern palate, complementing and enhancing the flavours found in the ales with fresh ingredients from the British countryside.”

Hall & Woodhouse, managed by the fifth generation of the Woodhouse family, has been brewing Badger ales in Dorset since 1777 and has pubs across the south of England.

Disco Badger by Nick Strangeway

25ml Gin
25ml Lemon juice
2 barspoons Seville marmalade
10ml Gomme
Top up with Tangle Foot golden ale
Garnish: Lemon wedge

Stir first four ingredients in a glass jar with a barspoon and fill with ice. Top up with Tangle Foot. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Ferrets BellsFerret’s Bells
25ml Bourbon
25ml Orange juice
25ml Lemon juice
20ml Maple syrup
Top up with Fursty Ferret
Garnish: Orange wedge

Stir first four ingredients in a traditional tankard pint glass with a barspoon and fill with ice. Top up with bourbon. Garnish with an orange wedge. Pictured right.

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