Helford based, family run Artisan distillery, Rosemullion, are delighted to announce that  they have again come out on top, winning the England title at the World Drinks Awards 2024 for their iconic Dry Gin.  This prestigious accolade now brings their award tally to 61, making  Rosemullion one of the most awarded distilleries in the country.  This winning cycle, which began in 2019, is all the more remarkable for this small but dedicated distillery as it has  consistently outperformed bigger or more long established brands in doing so well for so  long.

The World Drinks Awards are highly respected by both consumers and traders alike and  are crucial in recognizing, rewarding and promoting the world’s best spirits to all markets. The  selection process is rigorous and includes blind tasting by a carefully chosen panel of International experts. Rosemullion’s  winning Dry Gin is based on a traditional recipe made by the Bradbury family and their team – it ‘presents’ as a clean tasting, big-hearted drink which is based on a bold blend of juniper, citrus fruits and botanicals. 

Rosemullion’s continuing success story owes a lot to the background of its founders Liz and Andy Bradbury – both are chemists with years of past experience in product development and improvement processes such as Kaizen, 6-sigma and TQM. Speaking today, Andy explains why, in his opinion, Rosemullion spirits have been so successful – “utilizing our experience, we make classic spirits, not sugar flavoured, additive laden spirits, so our Gins purely taste of gin, not ‘fruit shoots’. Similarly, we want our rums to taste of rum and not be hidden by sugars and vanilla etc. To achieve good gin, rum and whisky the foundation is in the fermentation, which provides a firm footing for creating great spirits. We also draw upon our unique surroundings to underscore our provenance – Helford rainwater is used in the fermentation and distillation process, complemented by local Cornish ingredients plus seasonal fruit from our own orchard and vines. We only produce small batches to ensure optimum quality control. We aim always to be the protectors and perfecters of the distillery craft, constantly looking to improve even category winners”.


In addition to the previous factors, Rosemullion also strives to maintain ethical, responsible and  sustainable practices. Rosemullion are registered with Cornwall Council’s ‘Made in Cornwall’ scheme –  hence they are audited in terms of what they say they do, covering the fermentation, distilling and aging processes carried out on their site. In terms of minimizing their environmental impact they have a rainwater catchment system and minimize their water consumption by recycling their cooling water for use in the fermenters. They also minimize the use of plastic from suppliers and all their own plastic and cardboard waste is sent to recyclers. Finally they pay more for their distribution boxes so they can reuse them.  

Rosemullion Distillery Awards by product (61 in total).

Most recent awards, 2022 – 2024

ï       Gold rum (43%)… Silver at Sip 2019, Gold at World Rum 2020, Gold – SF spirits 2020, 2nd place Great British food 2020 , Gold at US spirits Ratings awards 2020, Gold at Rum & Cachaca masters 2021 , Great British food 2021 – Finalist, Silver at Rum & Cachaca masters 2022, Gold at Sip 2022, Category Winner at World Rum 2023

ï       Spiced rum (40%)…,  Style winner in Spice rum category at World Rum 2020, Gold at SF spirits 2020, Winner  Great British food 2020 Rum section, Gold at Rum & Cachaca masters 2021 , Gold at SIP 2021, Great British food 2021 – Finalist, Gold at Rum & Cachaca masters 2022, Gold at Sip 2022

ï       Chocolate rum (40%) … 1st Competition Silver at Rum & Cachaca masters 2021 , Gold 96 points at IWSC 2021, Great British food 2021 – Finalist, Gold at Sip 2022

ï        Dry Gin (43%) – Silver at Sip 2020,  Silver at US spirits Ratings awards 2020, Silver at London Spirits 2021,. Gold at SIP 2021, Silver at IWSC 2021, Platinum Award SIP 2022, . Silver 91 IWSC 2022, Silver at World Gin 2023, Winner at World Gin 2024 (Classic Gin, England)

ï       Summer Gin (40%)  Gold at Sip 2019, Silver at SF spirits 2020, Gold at SIP2020, Gold at SIP 2021 Great British food 2021 – Finalist, Double gold at SIP2022, Winner at Gin Guide 2022

ï       Harvest Gin (40%) Gold at Sip 2019, Gold at SF spirits 2020, Double gold at SIP2020, Double gold at SIP2021, Best in class Platinum Award SIP 2022

ï       Seafarer Gin (43%) – Silver at SF spirits 2020, Innovation award at SIP 2020, Gold at US spirits Ratings awards 2020, Silver at London Spirits 2021, Silver at SIP2021, Gold at Sip 2022. Gold 95 IWSC 2022

ï       White rum,  Bronze at IWSC 2021, Category Winner at World Rum 2022, Gold at Sip 2022

ï       Dark Rum, Gold at Rum & Cachaca masters 2022, Platinum Award SIP 2022

ï       Navy Rum Silver 90 @ IWSC 2023

ï       Navy Gin, Gold Outstanding 98 IWSC 2023

ï       Whisky 43%, Silver at World Whisky 2023,  Silver at World Whisky 2024

Short listed Gin producer of the year IWSC 2023

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