Top wellbeing tips for hospitality employees over the festive period

t has already been a challenging year for hospitality staff, with the pandemic causing a national staff shortage and many venues are still struggling to return to pre-Covid trading levels.

This is the busiest time of the year for the industry, with Christmas around the corner people will soon be flocking to celebrate all the events and parties that happen over the coming weeks. Many hospitality staff will face working long hours in busy bars and restaurants. 

Flynn Byrne, Training Officer at Escapism Bar Group shares his tips on how hospitality staff can look after their own wellbeing through the festive period.

Tip No.1: Rest up – not bottoms up!

“More sleep and less booze will keep you feeling brighter. Saying no to a drink or an after party can be difficult (especially at Christmas) but making time to rest before and after a shift is key to your wellbeing. Don’t neglect your beauty sleep! A proper rest can do so much more than keeping you looking fresh-faced – it can keep you going.”

Tip No.2: Don’t forget to take a break 

“Managers are often so busy they lose track of time amid the mess and mayhem of the bar, or while they’re making sure 30 Christmas dinners go out at once without a hitch. It’s okay to remind the boss you need a break – ask for the downtime you’re entitled to and, more importantly, need.” 

Tip No.3: Red bull won’t actually give you wings 

“We’re all guilty of getting by on liquid energy from time to time. But Red Bull and Monster were not made to be lived on for extended periods, never mind physically demanding bar shifts.”

“Make eating hearty meals before work a daily priority. If time starts to run away from you as the festive period hits, consider freezing meals in batches before the busy Christmas period even begins. Diet can make all the difference to your general mood and productivity – be a Santa not a grouchy Grinch this year and make sure you’re well fed.”

Tip No.4: Think ahead to 2022

“Give yourself something to look forward to in the new year. Whether it’s visiting the family and friends you’ve been too busy to see, a beach get-away to detox from all the snow and ice, or simply saving up your hard-earned cash for that dream purchase. It’ll make all those long, hard Christmas hours a lot more bearable.”

If you work in hospitality and need to speak to someone about your mental health, don’t forget that there is always someone at the other end of the phone who can help.

Samaritans helpline: 116 123 

Mind charity: 0300 123 3393

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