Topping Pie Company launches new gourmet pie ranges

Baked frozen chilli sweet pepper quiche

Yorkshire family-run bakery The Topping Pie Company has unveiled a new range of gourmet pies aimed at bars, pubs and cafés.

It features fresh or baked frozen 200g hot eating pies in six new flavours, including Beef Shallots and Portobello Mushroom, Beef and Golden Ale, The Steak Pie, and Chicken Pancetta White Wine and Cream.

A range of baked frozen speciality pork pies has also been launched, ranging from 120g topped pies to large 2.2kg cutting pies, alongside a range of handcrafted quiches (pictured top). The full selection comprises over 40 products, providing something for all kinds of tastes.

All Topping premium pies and quiches are handcrafted at its Yorkshire bakery and made with British Red Tractor-certified pork, beef and chicken and locally sourced ingredients.

Baked frozen steak shallots mush

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