New training and font for Pilsner Urquell

pilsner glass lrA new bar staff training programme will be launched in April for Czech beer brand Pilsner Urquell alongside the introduction of a new font.

Taste Akademie is designed to educate and excite bartenders around the unique taste profile of the beer, which is distributed and marketed in the UK through Miller Brands.

A premium font and new branded glassware will also be available to outlets to heighten brand visibility at the bar and give consumers “a more authentic drinking experience”.

Taste Akademie has been devised with independent taste expert Greg Tucker and will be managed by Miller Brands representatives who will conduct face-to-face sessions with bar staff.

An interactive tool kit will also be provided, explaining Pilsner Urquell’s taste credentials which stem from its unique brewing process.

PU New Fount-onlyThe new font will have a brushed copper finish and an authentic wooden side-pour handle and Czech-style script around the stem, providing quality cues to emphasise heritage.

With its illuminated logo, the font aims to capture the eye of the consumer at the bar and offers on-trade outlets the opportunity to encourage consumers to trade up.

The font joins Pilsner Urquell’s new branded tankard, which has been introduced to drive awareness in outlets and give consumers a premium drinking experience.

The glassware features clear Pilsner Urquell branding and is made from sturdier and more durable glass to give a longer shelf life and premium feel.

Sam Rhodes, director of customer marketing at Miller Brands, said: “We have launched this new programme to highlight the unique taste profile of Pilsner Urquell and help outlets to encourage consumers to trade up.

“Fonts and glassware play a key role in this: a standalone font can deliver up to 58 per cent higher rate of sale than the same brand on T-bar while branded glassware has increased rate of sale by six per cent in outlet.

“World Beers are growing at 14.8 per cent in value, over five times faster than the total lager category, showing that consumers are becoming more adventurous with their beers and looking for more authentic drinking experiences.”

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