Travels around the world inspire Salvatore’s cocktails

salvatore calabrese

The latest cocktail menu at Salvatore’s Bar in London draws on the flavours and experiences that The Maestro, Salvatore Calabrese, has found on his travels around the world.

With many of the drinks presented in imaginative vessels, the cocktails take inspiration from regions and countries such as Indonesia, Mexico, the USA, Peru, Scotland, Africa, Australia and his native Italy.

Mostly priced at £13, the drinks are available at Salvatore’s Bar at Playboy Club London in Mayfair.

They include the aromatic Remember the Maine (pictured), named after the New England state, which has been rested for two months in a barrel that has been washed with berries, port and vinegar. The ingredients are a blend of Bulleit Rye and Bourbon, vermouths, cherry liqueur and fennel seeds.

The Nazca is inspired by the ancient and mystic civilisation of Peru, using Diablada pisco from Peru with tamarillo berry syrup, Americano Cocchi, egg white and lemon juice.

Mexico has inspired the cocktail, the Spaghetti Western, which combines a smoky mezcal with Don Julio tequila, tamarind, tonic syrup, lime juice and soda.

The Jungle Bowl draws on tropical flavours of Guatemala, with the nuttiness of pandan leaf extract and bitter orange notes of a liqueur made from Italian soft drink, chinotto. They are combined with Zacapa 23 rum, pineapple and absinthe.

British flavours can be founded in the Queen’s Back Yard – a fruity cocktail with strawberry sherbet, rhubarb infusion, elderflower and apple combined with London gin Beefeater 24.

The Tartan cocktail is served in a horn in the style of Game of Thrones, mixing Haig Club and Talisker whiskies with Drambuie, lemon juice, dandelion bitters and a heather and lavender soda.

Flavours and ingredients from Milan to Sicily come together in the Garibaldi, named in honour of the great 19th-century Italian hero and politician. It contains Campari, marsala, kumquat liqueur, clementine and artichoke sorbet.

A classic Brandy Crusta is given a major twist in Excuse My French!, which is briny and sour with herbal notes, served in a glass rimmed with Chartreuse crystals. It mixes Martell cognac, hay syrup, raspberry eau de vie and lemon juice.

The Sling of Fribourg is inspired by the unconventional mix of wheat beer and banana juice that is common in the German city of Fribourg. The malty cocktail combines Tanqueray Gin, cardamom, banana and wheat beer.

From Indonesia comes the spicy and creamy Compass Goes East, using palm sap spirit Ceylon Arrack, combined with lemongrass, pumpkin spices, coconut yogurt and lemon juice. The simple Lady Sakura uses Japanese flavours of sake, sencha liqueur and yuzu.

Russian tea rituals and the country’s love of tattooing have inspired the warm and smoky drink, Siberian Ink, made with Polugar N4, the honey and allspice infusion of Russian grain spirit Polugar along with kummel, orange syrup and black tea.

The resinous Sleepy Koala marries the Australian flavour of eucalyptus with Bacardi rum, lime juice and the pine of pinus mugo.

Inspired by the spice market of Marrakech’s Medina, the Marrakech Tea Party uses the ancient flavour of myrrh, served in an elegant glass pipe. The other ingredients are Cîroc Vodka, mint syrup, green tea, kaffir lime leaves and lime.

Central Africa is encapsulated in the rich and nutty Ebony, made with Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros Rum, a rooibos tea infusion and sorrel wine, accompanied by a small cup of carob ice cream served in the Italian “affogato” style with a creamy liqueur made from the African marula fruit.

Next Stop Cape Town is a refreshing drink inspired by a hot afternoon in Cape Town, made with Elephant Gin, cream, lemon juice and a soda made from buchu – a plant from southern Africa.

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