Trendy Chinese restaurant and bar opens in Leeds

A new age Chinese restaurant and bar has just opened in the Leeds Business Quarter with a hip new approach to the dining experience.

Drawing inspiration from around the globe, founder, Ray Chan, says the concept for Mans Market was born from reflecting on his own adventures in Hong Kong and New York. This inspired him to build a brand that he believes can give the market the adrenaline shot it needs.

“Having grown up in a Chinese takeaway I’m really excited about reinventing and re-energising Chinese dining in Leeds,” Ray Chan said. “I’ve been watching the market for years whilst working in the nightlife industry with my events company Candypants and I feel now is the perfect time to bring Mans Market to life.”

Located in the newly-developed West Point area of the city, the jet black doorway adorned with neon signage gives very little away as to what lies within. Walking through the entrance throws visitors a bit of a red herring, and only serves to give the ultra-cool basement bar and restaurant down below the extra wow factor.

The well-crafted menu consists of remixed versions of popular Chinese dishes such as Crispy Aromatic Duck Rolls and the signature main course, Mans Mountain Rice priced at £8.50. The bar also boasts a laid-back bar area serving handcrafted cocktails such as Ladies Market Espresso and house beer TsingTao.

With its private dining area for parties and a big focus on service, the venue is a fresh concept that embraces Chinese culture, both past and present.

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